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Over time, since I opened this blog and I started putting together my little Erotic Video Collection, many review sites were so kind to talk about me (usually positively :-) ).

Here’s a list of the ones I found – in case you know of others that I did not include here, I’ll be grateful if you let me know!


Nude Amateur Porn



Fetish Fish Reviews


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  1. anonymous anonymous says:

    hi máte oslnivou vypadat úžasný úsměv a váš smích je contagieux.bon nefunguje uvolnit a pokud budete potřebovat konkurenta jsem se přihlásil kdekoliv, i když jsem z Canada Montreal. můžete napsat na mě osobně, aby zjistil, jestli jste měli moje hodnocení předem děkuji

  2. Robert Robert says:

    Hi zuzinka
    I want sex with you
    I wanna see you
    Email me

  3. dale mckay dale mckay says:

    Zuzinka You are beautiful in form and face. I have not seen a face of such breath taking beauty as yours. I would love a picture of you, as it would brighten my every day. Your admirer, Dale oxox

  4. Andy Cam Andy Cam says:

    Hi there,
    There are various things I would like to try. One is if I had a mask with a Dildo at the mouth and you sit over my face on the dildo, would love to make you cum, would also reach up and tweek your nipples. Also I have seen a rubber mask attached to some rubber briefs at the crotch. If I wore the mask and you got into the briefs I could have a very intimate moment with my mouth round your pussy but enclosed by the rubber. I would like to include this while visiting you wonderful country, I am from the Uk. I would not mind paying a little towards your studies. Andy

  5. Anonymous says:

    little hind on your “join now” page. Your saying your video collection is growing every week…
    Yeah no video in almost 4 years is not “growing every week”.
    If someone reads that and doesn’t get new videos every week you could get sued… false advertising… but hey who cares about that…

  6. anjan anjan says:

    hey hi u r gorgeous n was hoping if we can
    talk…. can we b friends..?? today is the first
    day I saw u n u happened to be the girl I fell
    for in the first sight…u r amazing n I hope to
    hear from u soon..

  7. Merci pour le bon augure writeup bon . Il était en fait un amusement
    compte il . Regardez avancée pour plus ajouté agréable de vous
    ! Cependant , comment pouvons pourrions -nous communiquer ?

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