Dear Webmaster / Reseller…

Zuzinka This site is a one-man-show – or if you prefer a one-Czech-student-girl-show :-)

I do most of the stuff here. I REALLY do this because it’s a lot of fun – hopefully, though, I’ll also make some money with it, enough to reduce the time used for the jobs that currently finance my University.

Since I am not a young lady hired by some corporation, I have a strong interest and incentive to keep people coming to this site happy. If you are as thrifty as I suppose, this means for you that I’ll work my ass off to make visitors curious enough to buy a membership – and members happy enough to stay and have fun as long as possible.

In your thrifty words, this means that you will get very nice rebillings, if you promote my site.

I use Verotel affiliation program, at the moment.

You can sign up clicking the little grey button below. If you need more material to promote, banners, pictures, videos, whatever, just let me know by dropping me a line at zuzinka[at] . Also, I care a lot about your suggestions – they are very important for me to learn and improve.

I want you to be happy, my members to be happy, and myself to be happy too :-) There’s a good chance for this to happen – give it a try and promote me! You’ll get 50% of the first sale and 50% of all the rebillings, forever ;-)