Getting fingered

December 7th, 2010 Leave a reply »

… and making tea in super-sexy socks and all those things that I usually do :-)

PS: I don’t know if those of you who wrote me an email in the past week or so have noticed (got some error msg) that my mailbox was broken – I did not receive any emails at all, it seems to be working now so feel free to write again :-)

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  1. jacek jacek says:

    Hi miss your updates. Sometimes see on ther site.
    Make please new video,,,,,like your hairy bush , very womanlike,,,

  2. zeez zeez says:

    hai zuzinka i just seen u yesterday on ur web .hay im addict on u wat a lovely face u got oh god really fantastic
    and ur sweet hole mmm ur boobs,so ooooooooo wow.
    u belive r not im wanking now.

  3. Gary Gary says:

    Looks like a freshman. You need someone with a Phd in fingering and more. By the way, you’re shortening your life with those cancer capsules. I’d love to have you stay around for a long, long time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want you down

  5. jhon orlando puerto(colombian) jhon orlando puerto(colombian) says:

    u are awesome sweety ave a nice day from colombia to u! !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. paul paul says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    I can teach you to squirt – interested

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can teach you to squirt – interested

  9. Footlove Footlove says:

    Hi Girl,perfect Toes,i like you…

  10. jamal jamal says:

    zuzinka can u squirt try squirting in public like a bus train also iif u get my email address i would like to send u some ideas i dont want anything in return jus to help you u are awesome

  11. DeStrOyer DeStrOyer says:

    oh,, your a beautiful girl can I fuck you ???
    plz ,, response ,,

  12. koral koral says:

    I discovered your blog site site on the search engines and check several of your early posts. Always maintain up the very good operate. I recently additional increase Rss to my MSN News Reader. Looking for toward reading much more on your part later on!

  13. Brno Brno says:

    Realy, I want to fuck you

  14. Grey Wolf Grey Wolf says:


  15. Scooby12 Scooby12 says:

    If you masturbate or if or someone fingers your pussy, on orgasm also video your anal contractions that way we know you really Cum.

    And stop smoking your beautiful and Smoking doesn’t help your looks.

  16. Moein Moein says:

  17. woo hoo woo hoo says:

    why want to stick my tongue all the way up your asshole until I can feel what you ate for dinner…..I masturbate way too much looking at you…… Come to America.. I am very rich and My husband is an asshole always away on business. I will show you a very good time…

    Lust You

    Nancy G.

  18. lotnik lotnik says:

    Zuzinka long time no new entry ? Are you sick?
    Now May 3rd, what happening?

    Eager awaiting new entry,,,

  19. Trippy Trippy says:

    Love seeing your pussy being fingered…any chance of a vid with lots of friends fingering and licking you?

  20. Andre Andre says:

    Zazinka don’t listen to that bigot, u’r officially became my heroine today (not in the junkie way :P ) keep kickin and if ull ever have children just beat them with a stick when they try to google ur name ^^

  21. Kial Kial says:

    “you have time to change your life”? I say that it’s a different way of living, and that’s all. It’s a strange, but lovelly hobby, hauhauha but anyway, regardless of the things you do, I hope you have some fun and good time with that, =D

  22. concernguy concernguy says:

    you have time to change your life.. you’re a beautiful lady, i admit i was admirred by your videos but when i come to think of it, if you where having childrens and they will see this site of yours, will you be happy??.. i know this is hard to say but please stop that doings or “job”,, that is very sinful.. i am just concerned, follow my words or not, i am really concerned of you..

    • Scott Scott says:

      Let her be, ConcernGuy, Zuzinka knows what she’s doing. She is a LOT more tasteful and a million times more comfortable in the nude than others OFF the web. Why pick on Z? Besides, so what if her kids see this? What’s she doing wrong?
      Live free.

    • educatedguy educatedguy says:


      You still have time to change your life, go to school, learn how to write the English language. It’s not too late!

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