My favorite way of dining

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PS: Thanks for all the concerns about my life and well-being that I got to my mailbox, I am still alive and kickin’ I just had some real-life issues that I needed to take care of, that’s why I have been inactive for a while. But I am back now ;-)

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  1. Matt Black Matt Black says:

    The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you.
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague
    (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

    trustNjesus, dear,
    and wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven…
    cuz the other realm aint too cool.
    God bless your indelible soul.

    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

  2. My favorite way of dining » Zuzinka

  3. fernando fernando says:

    você é muito gostosa quero chupar essa bucetinha

  4. fuck fuck says:


  5. god i wish you’d come to the uk. would love to see you at play, maybe with me xx

  6. OMX OMX says:

    pantat zuzinka macam terowong keretapi.

  7. luis luis says:

    hi bb u ar beuti when arrived to colombia i like make the love with u and practice good sex bye

  8. Ralph Ralph says:

    hello zuzinka i am from sweden 54 ears. i look for you videos many times i like you so natural and speciel and exiting .very beateful i hope you are around many years.

  9. joship2001 joship2001 says:

    wooow amazing this if the best I’ve seen it done, but that
    I stay all day watching

  10. sudarshan reddy sudarshan reddy says:

    so sweetttttt

  11. Kim Lea Kim Lea says:

    Love that dress! You are one hell of a sexy woman. Hope to find more of you here in your blog. Found your orgasm by driving on xHamster wich led me here!
    Kisses Kim the horny swede

  12. the milkman the milkman says:

    yo zuzinka your hott as all hell and you have some fucking nerve masterbating in a solarium 2 thumbs up that shit turns me on loll yours sincerely from NY the mutha fucking milkman

  13. makingucumm makingucumm says:

    I love what you are doing in public. I love to have sex in public myself. Once I got head in the movies while it was playing. I wish i took pic. so I could show you. Next time…. Kisses to that wet pussy of yours

  14. Bobble Bobble says:

    So beautiful. Just serviced the gf looking at your body. Yum !

  15. Greg Greg says:

    You are very beautiful I wish I could meet you some day but I am in the United States of America.

  16. JAG JAG says:

    wow its been almost a month

  17. JEREM JEREM says:


  18. rafael rafael says:

    you dont post nothing for a loooooooooooong time what happenend?

  19. cassandra cassandra says:

    waouw, tu es magnifiques, j’ai bien aimé la vidéo dans le parc sur un banc, sensualité, douceur, tendresse, humm…., je suis une fille et j’avoue que là, tu m’excites. Je te mangerai bien moi aussi……..

    • H.A. FRANCE H.A. FRANCE says:

      Tu as vu cassandra elle est magnifique cette fille je n’ai jamais vu une aussi belle qu’elle, vraiment pourtant elle ressemble à une professeure d’anglais que je l’ai vu en Tunisie

  20. dieter dieter says:

    Yeah, something new is urgently needed, indeed – same stuff repeated at different places is kinda boring – and get rid of that camera guy – he does a really a bad job all the time

  21. Chris Chris says:

    I guess it is time to change the bit about university student now that you finished. Plus you wrote that you had some RL probs but are over yet you upload practicaly nothing lately. If you want money you need to work for them if you want just admiration of your body in the free section it is ok by me as it is win win you get exhibiotionist satisfaction i get free eye candy.

  22. Sandra Sandra says:

    Hi Zuzinka,
    i love your vids, really! I whish i couls meet you in RL but I am from Germany…. :(
    You are nice, beautiful and you make me really horny ; )
    Looking forward to see more of you.


    • Arty Arty says:

      Hi Sandra, I agree with you. Both you girls make me so horny and my cock is rock hard but I am to far away to fuck both of you. I will have to just view your pics. xxxxx

  23. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, kill your cameraman.

  24. Sara Sara says:

    Hi, Zuzi,

    Congratulations for your blog! I absolutely love what you do.

    I was wondering: have you ever considered the idea of filming your stuff in other places in Europe? I mean, I live in Barcelona and, I don’t know, maybe I can show you my city if you think you might like to shoot in this scenery.

    In any case, congratulations again for your blog and for “sharing yourself” with us!

    Kisses all over!


  25. faberlatus faberlatus says:

    Perfect – and a pleasure to hear Zuzinka is well again.
    Some members of your “fan-club” should visit a farm and sit bar-assed in that brown pudding coming out rearside of cows … if needed I could be used as the old man to be caressed by Zuzinka, but I think it’s much more fun to look the video of Zuzinka being caressed by the blue-shirted boy in the private section – there is NO horse needed …

    • almikar1 almikar1 says:

      It is because you are gay and you really like the the blue-shirted boy, and in your fantasies he caress you…..ops

  26. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    absolutely delightful! as ever

  27. unnikrishnan unnikrishnan says:

    beautiful,because things do not make boredom though it is repeated.

  28. Repeating yourself Repeating yourself says:

    Boring boring boring .. Come’on Zuzinka .. You’ve done better than this ! Stop repeating yourself and do something fun and original ! I am sure you can !!!

  29. clint clint says:

    hey zuzinka dont lesson to any body your great and pretty and your body is awesome,kisses clint

  30. Aqua Aqua says:

    Completely agree with almikar1 ….something fresh is what we anticipate…the same old stuff….it is bugging….be creative….you really are….jus think out of the box…..
    Lv u Lady
    Muaaaah !!!

  31. almikar1 almikar1 says:

    C’mon Zuzinka, that thing is getting old and bouring,
    first your dumb camera man and then this, you have the same thing over and over, different video.

    PLEASE is time to do something different, think on new things ( thats way you went to college).
    maybe you can try Zuzinka shitting on the camera man face.
    or zuzinka having sex with really a old (and lucky) man.
    or zuzinka fucking a horse.
    for god’s sake…..something new
    surprise me!!!

  32. clint clint says:

    that pussy looks great take care babe ,kisses clint

  33. Kick Kick says:

    ;) would love to eat that pussy out ;)

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