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Wow! You all have been very fast and mostly correct in this one :-) The winner can be only one though and this time it’s an Irish guy (judging from his mail address ending with an .ie) so congrats – you have the login information in your mailbox.

Here are the correct answers for the ones who weren’t sure.

Zuzinka anatomy01c

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  1. 1 1 says:


  2. Brian Brian says:

    Olle donde te podria encontrar para hacer contigo lo q haces en los videos ??

  3. karol karol says:

    pupik minda zadek…whot about cycowa wygoda…? fanny

  4. Sergey Sergey says:

    Просто богиня! Смотреть на тебя одно удовольствие! твоя киска самая красивая! Спасибо что ты есть!

  5. THIING555 THIING555 says:

    Wow. Awesome body!

  6. Drizzt Drizzt says:

    Wow! You are beautiful! Also it is a good opportunity to learn your language. Can you post other pictures as this?

  7. basuki basuki says:

    i love you…

  8. donna donna says:

    wow! pretty contest! you should conduct more contest like this!

  9. Ted Melton Ted Melton says:

    I am a 74 yr old proff. Photographer and have produced 9 porn web sites –and if you were here in the states I would have you working and making GREAT money —-
    I love and enjoy the fact you enjoy sex as much as you do I only wish te women on my sites were as wild and willing as you are today—please keep your sweet sexy natural bod —and your sweet soft smoove shaved pussy — damn it was fun masturbating to your train ride ==

    Ted melton –(yes my real name )

  10. sameer sameer says:

    this my num;00009803652258

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love you zuzinka yes very she is my lover when you see in the first days

  12. BigBenny BigBenny says:

    Learning languages has never been so fun!

    Maybe next time we can study the details of the minda?

  13. a huge fan a huge fan says:

    why arent you louder when u play with your self i love to hear u cum loud

  14. hottie hottie says:

    zuzinka you are a role model for me ..
    you proudly expose your most private parts of your body .. im always nude at home and in our garden .. my neighbour took some pictures of me but i dont care .. i enjoy nudity and I easily get wet

  15. peter75 peter75 says:

    my god, you’re so amazingly fuckable – i’d love to lick your juicy minda and slip my cock up your tight little zadacek

  16. Sputnik Sputnik says:

    Hey zuzka !

    happy googling…what a trap ;-)
    it’s nearly impossible to translate “minda” with in stock translators.
    but, i don’t give up and now i knew it is the GIPSY word for cunt.

    Well you sweet gipsy – keep up your nice work

    in deep sympathy

  17. laks laks says:

    Zuzinka i love your beautiful sexy body .. thanks for sharing this .. i would love to lick your pussy :D

  18. St St says:

    Yes, like they said, you are veryy hot!!
    I emailed the answers to some couple days ago :D

  19. john john says:

    your so hot
    can you tell me your email to sent the answer..

    ps the contest is over?

  20. ankur ankur says:

    thats nice idea

    coz of this i tried to learn ur language

  21. Your Fan Your Fan says:

    Zuzinka you are the best!
    I dont know how many times i`ve masturbated with your videos, but a lots! =)
    I wonder so much i could see you on webcam… mail me if you like the idea!
    Greetings from Brazil! Kisses angel

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