I got spanked

September 26th, 2010 Leave a reply »

… and I don’t think I deserved it :-) And right after that my camera guy dared me to masturbate on the stairs in the main hallway… sometimes it’s a tough job to be Zuzinka :-)

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  1. Sito Web Sito Web says:

    That is really attention-grabbing, You are an overly skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and stay up for seeking more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks

  2. Terry Terry says:

    I would love to give you a clitty blowjob on the steps and cup your awesome butt and feel your legs and thighs quiver as i get you off

  3. Anonymous says:

    the camera man is a jackass!!

  4. Felix Felix says:

    You are a sexy girl. I want to lick your pussy!

  5. joe smith joe smith says:

    tell your “cameraman” to zoom *OUT*, not in.

  6. hi hi says:

    a very beautiful woman to have sex with you would do everything for you

  7. max max says:

    want record the italians zuzinka adventures? tell me some baby

  8. dabije dabije says:

    hi lady,how can i meet you?to make some nice movies?

  9. johh johh says:

    wooooooooow big ass

  10. djs.8422 djs.8422 says:

    hey dear i wann see u peeing..!!
    what is to be done from my side to see ur pee.!!!
    i wann see u pee for me

  11. Morgan Morgan says:

    vous ete Magnifique

  12. polak polak says:

    Zuzinka jesteś piekna

  13. myself myself says:

    dute tu in pizda matii!

  14. gecko gecko says:

    The Video is cool, but i don´t like it when anybody get spanked!

  15. Artu Artu' says:

    you are always great! I love you and your pussy

  16. Juan Juan says:

    Wow.. you are so hot, I wanna chat with you, I’m from Colombia. Do you want to?

  17. Troy Troy says:

    Forget masturbating girl, I would love to blow my load in your beautiful pussy.

  18. Sputnik Sputnik says:

    What a hard spanking :-)

    well, Zuzy – a BIG thanks to God for such a lovely, cute and nice person like you !!

    in very deep sympathy

  19. clint clint says:

    hi zuzinka i think your fine i wolud love to spank you .

  20. Dave Dave says:

    Don’t mind them Mr Camera Guy.
    They are just jealous that you have the best job in the world. :-)

  21. almikar1 almikar1 says:

    please change your cameraman, He is a fucking idiot
    please if you going to do something, do it rigth or don’t do it at all. he is ruining everything. wake up girl.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please, get rid of your camera man, he is awful, and ruins pretty much every single movie you have by his awful skill at handling the view and then his awful voice and commentary.

    Most people get better as they go on, he just gets worse. It’s at the point now where I don’t bother watching or even consider a subscription anymore. He ruins things totally.

  23. dieter dieter says:

    If only your camera guy could hold the cam steady – he only does a lousy job, Zuzinka.

    You definitively need a new camera guy!!!

  24. Kick Kick says:

    wow …your tits look awesome in that top Zuzinka ;)

  25. Shelly Peck Shelly Peck says:

    You need a new camera man. He can’t hold the cam steady and seems to like shooting walls, ceilings, and floors instead of YOU! I know what those things look like. I want to see more of YOU! You’re great!

  26. ankur ankur says:

    hot video
    liked it very much

  27. luigi luigi says:

    zuzinka, mi fai vedere mentre ti infili uno zucchino?

  28. Thomas Thomas says:

    Maybe it is tough to be Zuzinka – but it’s fantastic to be a fan of Zuzinka and her videos. ;-) )

  29. Peter Peter says:

    Spanking? I prefer a woman who doesn’t need spanking, but reflects about our desires, and that’s not a red ass, but nice forms and an outfit to present that form. Just look at the “cold boobs video” in the private section: same outfit (black miniskirt on “ass-level” outside, some glimpse and the poor boys whet shirt – he got the perfect wet stiffy on the perspectives Zuzinka was offering him (and us) – no need spanking, she knows what to do and to show! Thanks!

  30. J-P J-P says:

    The ultimate phantasy: Seeing you getting properly spanked one day ! This has been a good start . . probably the first few smacks hurt the most. After a good warm up your butt will be less fragile, and usually it is getting quite enjoyable to feel that fine line between pain and pleasure, which is similar to the feeling just shortly before climax.
    Preferred position for beginners to spanking is face down on a bed, with some pillow underneath your butt to lift it up, but also to give you a chance for rubbing yourself against it. And would certainly provide an excellent view on your pussy. Also interesting to see your feet then, as they usually do interesting flexings while feeling pain and pleasure, or both.
    Keep on going, we enjoy watching you, J-P

  31. Anonymous says:

    your camera man likes to keep the shot on your feet. you should video tape a foot job

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