Celebrating my very last exam…

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…in a great Indian restaurant. So I am officially done with school now :-) Please don’t ask what I am going to do next, I really have no clue… I think I will go somewhere sunny and think about it.

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  1. Dario Dario says:

    Hello Zuzinka, So you have finished with school and want to go somwhere warm to think about what to do next. I live in Spain and you are welcome to come here and relax and think. You are obviously a very intelligent lady, I am sure you will succeed in whatever you decide.This is a very honest proposition with no strings attached. Well maybe you could show me around your beautiful city if I come for a visit.

  2. samrat samrat says:

    hey sexy..i live in india.. n i love ur horny n sexy body..i want to be ur hero in one film..i want to be a pornstar..give a chance ..i hve mascular body..rply plz..

  3. Rentie Rentie says:

    Hi. I think you should make money out of what you do. You are obviously a very sexy lady and know just what to do to turn people on. You turn me on and I would like to see more of you. You are very pretty and have an awesome body!

  4. Pablo Pablo says:

    I want make you an spanish exam in Prague ;-)

  5. R.Savinelli R.Savinelli says:

    I’m from Brazil, South América and I dont have a good english, but not pour to say; You are wanderfull and I would like say: Be happy ever and don’t forget the people from Brazil. OK? Thanks to the pics, videos and YOU. RSavinelli. Write for me. rsavinelli@uol.com.br THANKS!

  6. clint clint says:

    hey zuzinka your so hot id love to lick and suck on your pussy untill you cummed all over my face.

  7. Troy Troy says:

    I have an exam I’d like to perform on you

  8. GEORGE GEORGE says:


  9. Brengle Brengle says:

    So are you in india now

  10. Tony Tony says:

    Congratulations for your exams, you are nice.
    I hope and I wish you to continue to do and success in all your exams (with no panties under, of course: a beautiful professor in Arts with nothing under, wow!).
    I am sure Brno is a nice town as you are a nice and sexy girl.

  11. rafalapenta rafalapenta says:

    HEY congrats. i think you shoul liberate de pa for us one more time congratulations

  12. javier javier says:

    come to spain ;)

  13. Pete Pete says:


  14. Dave Dave says:

    Congrats Zuzinka. You deserve a holiday in Ireland to celebrate.


  15. Cliffhanger Cliffhanger says:

    Congatulations on finishing your studies Zuzinka – whan do you get the results? Job waiting in the UK as my PA ;)

  16. Criticaster Criticaster says:

    Boring boring boring !!!!!!!!

  17. Si Si says:

    Congrats on finishing your degree Zuzinka, come and work in the UK so we can meet up, would love you as my hot pantiless teacher lol.

    Congratulations again babe

    Love always Si xxx

  18. Mykee Mykee says:

    And will you go to school without panty? ;-)
    Maybe school pictures please? :-) )

  19. Rama Rama says:

    Hi Zuz I’ve been following you blog for two years. I was expecting more activities including pictures my dear. XXXX

  20. fedjames fedjames says:

    So are you still going to be running the site? :)

  21. BigBenny BigBenny says:

    Do we now have to call you Dr. Zuzinka or Master (Mistress?) Zuzinka?

    Congratulations on finishing your studies. Don’t forget to take lots of hot pictures in that sunny place you are going to.

  22. stu stu says:

    so what did ur sexy hot self go to school for

  23. Evan Evan says:

    Congrats on finishing school and good luck with your future, doubt you’ll need luck though, you were smart enough to get through Uni :P

  24. ankur ankur says:

    i m glad to know that there is indian restaurant

  25. Chris Chris says:

    So somewhere sunny? Come to Greece! Congrats for the degree I guess you have to update all video endings and the top right corner of your blog not to read anymore a student at uni of brno… unless you will keep studying, it will be quite fascinating to have a pantless cock hungry phd teaching in a university somewhere ;)

  26. fly fly says:


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