Much less summery pictures

August 14th, 2010 Leave a reply »

Ok, so this summer in CZ officially sucks… good thing I am still hot :-p And horny. Especially horny today.

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  1. sven sven says:

    On these pictures you have tucked up your hair so nicely. It really looks as if it was so much shorter and I just love it! Please, please have it cut in such a boyish fashion some day, will you?

    You will make my dream come true if you do it and keep posting new naked pics: your body is so perfect and feminine with those super boobs and your shaven pussy! A nice short haircut will emphasize that even more once the distraction of that beautiful but (let’s face it) really commonplace long hair is gone. Just be courageous!

  2. naved naved says:

    u r cameraa man gay hahahahahahahahaha

  3. polak polak says:


  4. clint clint says:

    zuzinka you are the hottiest babe every time i see you my cock gets hard and i want to bang you soo good,your the prettiest ever

  5. scott scott says:

    Were you banged by the camera man afterward? ;-)

  6. Da Beagle Da Beagle says:

    Deoesn’t matter what season, your’e always HOT!

  7. Cliffhanger Cliffhanger says:

    Stunning as ever Zuzinka – so sweet but oh soooo sexy :p

  8. Dave Dave says:

    No.5 does it for me.

    How about some more hard core stuff. Would love to see you in action with a cock.

  9. kev kev says:

    wow,i would love to be your gardener

  10. rawr rawr says:

    Zuzinka, you’re one of the hottest girls out there and I’d like to see you doing some scenes again in a movie and not just pics. :P

    You have such nice tits and a very nice and shaven pussy, I’d love to suck that pussy one day! :)

  11. BigBenny BigBenny says:

    Naughty Zuzinka. Now you got me horny too!

  12. drax drax says:

    jj, leto stoji za houby, ale ty jsi stale kocka ;)

  13. Kick Kick says:

    Good thing summer sucks overhere too … lol .. you make me hot Zuzinka ;)

    • Fabricio Fabricio says:

      Better to tell her; I take it the relationship seems to be gttieng serious, and by talking to her about it, you show you trust her. Things do come back and come out, and you can have her on your side instead of her being hurt and wondering why you hid things from her if some troubles arise from your past. She’ll probably love you more for knowing you have done what it took to change your life; that takes strength and character.

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