Me and my friend playing together

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Just for the record: we were both pantiless and we tried really hard to tape some pussy but the darn place was just way too dark. Believe me, there IS pussy! Only you are going to have to imagine it… Mine is pretty well known around here and hers is similar but blonde :-)
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  1. benj benj says: contact me please

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to see more pantyhose in your pictures and videos!
    This vid is GREAT by the way !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey can you send a picture a very zoom picture of your pussy

  4. mumessil mumessil says:

    I think you are playing some king of soccer. it names langırt in Turkiye (turkey)

  5. nicolas nicolas says:

    cc j’aimerai bien faire un plan sex avec toi

  6. alex alex says:

    What a star you are zuzinka, you are always welcome to come to Manchester and satisfy yourself in front of me. After that I could make you a nice coffee x

  7. Anonymous says:

    its my birthday on the 10th hopeing 4 a present , its been more than 10 days since ur last up date waiting 4 it by heart

  8. dieter dieter says:

    Next time with better light conditions, please!!! :-) )

  9. s0lrac s0lrac says:

    Would love to see the stop-go masturbation finale! That is the orgasm at the end!!

  10. Angelo Angelo says:

    Imaginationnnnn. Dark side of the pussy.
    Anyway pls take in account to have the same ready comment system for the video in private area. It would be easier to comment.

  11. Umpf Umpf says:

    damn, it ends after 1:35 min…

  12. sex sex says:

    mannaggia!! non si vede nulla :-(

  13. Kick Kick says:

    The upskirts looks good too ;)
    Lol my little friend had an pop-up watching the vid, so no complaints :)

  14. sergio sergio says:

    It dosen´t matter, I saw your pussy (for your videos) and I think that is a fantastic pussy, your only continues with your blog…..

  15. hornyguy hornyguy says:

    haha next time try fixing a flashlight infront of the camera.

  16. Alex Alex says:

    Haha! “There is no spoon” (c) …there IS pussy!
    Too dark :)

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