Those of you who like ladies with bush may enjoy this :-) » Zuzinka unshaved 03

Zuzinka unshaved 03

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  1. Horny Horny says:

    Nice’n open, i like nice meaty lips on a girl.
    Bent over and seeing a womans pussy /thighs/ ass, from behind gives me an instant throbing hard on.
    have to masturbate now, you are so horny.
    wish I could show you my active penis now

  2. Kes Kes says:

    Very lovely pussy I would love to run my tounge through your hairy beaver love you

  3. hugues hugues says:

    je voudrais gouter a ta jolie chatte

  4. Robert Robert says:

    grow it more

  5. Anonymous says:

    grow it more

  6. Gilbert Gilbert says:

    Sorry, I meant shaved, not unshaven in your videos.

  7. Gilbert Gilbert says:

    I have seen your unshaven private part in most of your videos. This one is my first time to see bushes surrounding it. I collect sex videos from Europe- Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Czech, Estonia, Kazakhstan Moldova, Romamia, Serbia, Slovakia, etc. When I saw your first video, I thought it was my favorite tennis player, Ana Ivanovic of Serbia. You have an angel and sweet charming looks. Please don’t be offended comparing you with Ana. I have seen lady tennis player from Czech Republic, but unfortunately no one yet won the title. Hopefully, your country can produce one. Like Russia’s Maria Sharapova, who incidentally looks like your blonde lady friend in the video. More power to you, Zuzinka.

  8. Seymore Hare Seymore Hare says:

    Those furry pussy pics are HOTT!! Keep the bush baby!! Don’t shave or trim it until it get’s so wild that you can’t get your pants on!! LOL

  9. fld fld says:

    vous avez une très belle chatte poilue avec de sensuelle lèvre charnue.

  10. carlo carlo says:

    i wnna see you in person i will fuck your pussy very hard

  11. carlo carlo says:

    i have just cum all over my hands after seeing this pic of your unshaved pussy!!!!

  12. Reza Reza says:

    I am really surprised , when saw your pussy hairy, I enjoyed. I need more pictures about your pussy, when it is very very wet,
    Please nice lady. kiss you

  13. barbarossa barbarossa says:

    As I said. Nice pussy. Doesn’t matter shaved or hairy.

  14. keram keram says:

    Zuziu just adorable lysis and caress it.

  15. clint clint says:

    zuzinka your pussy is really beautyfull i would love to eat it till you cummed then i would lick it all up and make you come again,yum.

  16. gecko gecko says:

    I like your Pussy unshaved it is so beautiful please let grow the hairs!!!

  17. ankur ankur says:

    i will like to shave it

  18. Andre Andre says:

    Hi Zuzinka Iam brasilian, and I like very much of you. Você muito glinda e gostosa.Kiss

  19. The Saint Simon Templar The Saint Simon Templar says:

    very very hot

  20. Byll Byll says:

    i lov hair. that is awesome. wish it was like that more often.

    p.s. i saw the vid on youporn with you in the tanning bed. one of my fav.

  21. tom tom says:

    wow wow
    very nice .. i like your blog.
    xx tom

  22. giankrug1 giankrug1 says:

    I love your little bear :-) can i play whit it ?

  23. cpt_zeep cpt_zeep says:

    I like your retro pussy :) Thumbs up for the hair, shaven is boring

  24. Wally057 Wally057 says:

    I prefer your pussy now more hairy like before. you’re very beautiful. I liked to kiss your pussy and insert fingers in it and suck my fingers after introduced them in your pussy and your ass. a lot of kisses everywhere on your body. Wally.

  25. ahwei ahwei says:

    your pussy with hair is not as nice as the picture that you took when you were sleeping and i can see that your pussy is wet

  26. Anonymous says:

    now thats the beauty of nature ,but still when ur shaved your the greatest , love you

  27. Europian Europian says:

    no word!! just kiss

  28. lotnik lotnik says:

    Zuzinka, ready for shave, gently,,,,and kisses later,,,and you beg PUT something in me,,,

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