Those of you who like ladies with bush may enjoy this :-)

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I had to study really hard in the past few weeks and I didn’t even have time to give the usual attention to my pussy and before you know it it started to look and feel a bit like a teddy bear :-) So I thought I would put a pics of it here because some people tell me that they like it and next week it will be nice and smooth again.

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  1. sago diwani sago diwani says:

    You no shevig hairy good

  2. sago diwani sago diwani says:

    Your very nice poosy and ass

  3. charly mango charly mango says:

    Very nice poosy

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your very nice poosy and ass

  5. guillermo guillermo says:

    hola estero que lo leas eres muy bonita me gusta

  6. vans kumbang vans kumbang says:

    more hair please….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Così sei ancora meglio, sei più selvaggia!

  8. Nail Nail says:

    bush suits you, Zuzinka)

  9. Mauro Mauro says:

    Gostei muito das suas fotos, adoro mulheres com pelos em suas bucetas. este tipo de fotos, fazem homens delirarem. Gostei muito boa, quanto a você é um tesão de mulher, você é muito gostosa e bonita.

  10. Jan Jan says:

    No, no, no… Pussies are to be shaven. Not only are they beautiful with no hair, but it also takes away the agony of spitting out loose hair, when licking..

  11. Gaucho de Porto Alegre Gaucho de Porto Alegre says:

    You are very beautiful with a big pussy shaved.My love!

  12. samyrubini samyrubini says:

    come here i want fuck u

  13. the Forgiven the Forgiven says:

    Man! ur university juzz so rocks!!![]
    cool it is!!i juz googled it…
    i’d want to visit it 1ce!…not 4 mini skirts though!

  14. unnikrishnan unnikrishnan says:

    Thanks for your bushy pussy.wish you all success for exam.Request you to give attention to us only after your exams are over.Pray for your brilliant success.

  15. luigi luigi says:

    Ciao,sono stato molto impegnato in questo periodo. la foto é bellissima e anche se mi costa fatica di tempo ti scriverò altre storie. Tu però mandami dei filmati.

  16. Jorge Jorge says:

    Hola. eres un consumada ninfomana, bella, hermosa, y dulce, me gusta lo que tu haces.

  17. JustMe JustMe says:


    So I reckon a Hollywood waxing to get it back to that nice smooth look. Don’t want all that horrible hair…


  18. Zed Zed says:

    What a beautiful bush! I like it a lot :)

    I think you should keep it that long for a while and get some more photos for those of us who appreciate some hair down there ;)

  19. faberlatus faberlatus says:

    The difference between a Teddy-Bear and a Taliban’s girl is the position of sitting and the lot of cloths … fantastic, and fantastic too that the look is changing – teddies are more for winter?
    And to those who like or distaste: do you like shaving every morning? Change your appearence to feel the difference!

  20. skeev skeev says:

    The look the smell and the feel of a hairy pussy is soo much better than a shaved one.

    Anyone who thinks hairy pussies are ugly is a fool.

    I like my women to look and feel like they are grown ups not children.

    A hairy pussy is an artform its beautiful – please keep it at a nice length…right now its perfect.

  21. pjotr448 pjotr448 says:

    at last ……………….. keep it this way!

  22. Scott Scott says:

    Ha, finally know your bush looks like. :-D

  23. robert robert says:

    Looooove it, I prefer with teddy bear.

    Good fuck 4 yr exams!

  24. Rowdy Rowdy says:

    Now that’s a teddy bear i’d like to sleep with!

  25. pavel pavel says:

    ugly :-/

  26. sasha sasha says:

    I do agree with Cyber and Evan:you are great with or without(although I prefer with your Teddy Bear,so nice to caress:)
    The most important is that these pics reflect your basic philosophy and our basic interest:being pantiless…
    Good luck for your exams….

  27. Evan Evan says:

    Looks really good, shaved or not, it’s fantastic :)

  28. cyber cyber says:

    You are beautiful with a beautiful pussy shaved or unshaved. Simply beautiful

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