I wrote my URL on her :-)

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I had a shooting session with this lovely young and extremely shy lady few weeks ago. First she didn’t even want to take off her t-shirt but then somehow she ended up sucking a cock… in a very shy and innocent way :-) You can see the full videos with her in my private area, it was loads of fun to tape and I hope it is fun to watch as well :-)

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  1. guillermo guillermo says:

    me gusta es pero que contestes

  2. cz cz says:

    But what did she write on you, Z?

  3. rere rere says:

    hi i’m a boy from indonesia..
    it would be nice if i see you do it with a boy.
    keep posting…
    you’re such a beautyfull girl..

  4. Ahwei Ahwei says:

    i prefer your sexy ass then her sexy tits

  5. mazdam mazdam says:

    hello zuzinka. iam mazdam from iran. ilike your pussy.

  6. JT JT says:

    Oh my … two hot sexy cuties at the same time !!! Heavenly ;)

  7. Dave Dave says:

    Come on Zuzinka and make our weekend. Show us a clip of your friend sucking cock….PLEASE

  8. Neuromancer Neuromancer says:

    For those who think this is useless: as long as they have fun while shooting the Pix, they are perfectly well!!!
    Keep them coming!

  9. atwn atwn says:


  10. nirosan nirosan says:

    where u people live because i want a person to fuck my penis that why?

  11. david david says:

    Hello Zuzinka, it’s the 1st time I’m on here and I like to say, that some of the things posted are quite hot, mainly the exibition stuff. You’re a really hot chick in a girl-next-door-kind of way (I don’t like “barbies”), but often I wonder about the look on your face. You look somewhat angry or cramped on many pics and in some videos as well (f.e. when you wear that green shirt as an extra-short-dress, please don’t tear it down all the time, just let it slide up a bit).
    Try to be more relaxed, because you have a beautiful smile and you look stunning when you have this naughty-girl-look on your face, like the 3rd picture in the “about me” section. Maybe you should choose more locations where you don’t risk getting in trouble that much, like a park, would make it easier. Also, have you ever thought of dyeing you hair red, not Ferrari-red, but ginger-red?

    P.S. a little wish, could you do some public pics where you only wear a shirt, please?

  12. Anon Anon says:

    Question remains, Where is dominant/submisive dressed Zuzinka? Would love to see that!

  13. Fishcake Fishcake says:

    Hi Zuzinka,

    I joined recently. So far, I’m really enjoying your website – it’s incredibly arousing. I very much liked the video of you cumming in the back of the taxi. The risk is obviously a turn on for you.

    I have a few suggestions I’d like to see.

    – a video of you cumming in a public spa by spreading your self and letting a waterjet squirt on your pussy. It might not be easy to use a camera in one though.

    – I’d like to see you edge. Edging is where you keep yourself at the edge of orgasm for a period of time. It generally leads to a much more intense orgasm, but it can be hard to do to begin with. There’s a fairly good description here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgasm_control. I challenge you to edge for 10 minutes before you cum.

    - Lastly, I’d love to see you cum in a library, reading a book. Probably the easiest way is to tuck your remote vibrator into your panties and leave it turned on until you cum (quietly!)

    Really love the site. It’s brilliant! Let me know if you’d like more ideas!


  14. Erdos Erdos says:

    I liked this

    Suggestion though: I’m sure you have a lot of good/fun indecent-in-public stories, why not share a few?

    Cheers :)

  15. Carol Carol says:

    It’s hot.
    I am a Brazilian girl, I liked your photos and video.
    I love public exhibition, makes me very excited.
    Won a big fan.

    • Peter Peter says:

      I think the sexyness of brazilian and czech girls should be cumulated! Would be nice if you could meet and undertake something in common! May be in Switzerland?

  16. moritz moritz says:

    Show us 1 pic sucking the cock! please

  17. Dave Dave says:

    To celebrate the World Cup I think you should give us a sneak preview of your friend sucking the cock…………. Please???

  18. yonky yonky says:

    i like that you do and i need to know you more then i show you at the picture.

  19. GW GW says:

    2 hot girls. Love it. Would love to see some more of you both in action in the public area

  20. piki piki says:

    ufff sooo cute……please some pics in public !!!

  21. moby-dick moby-dick says:

    Ugly photos… :) ))

  22. alp alp says:

    hello zuzinka;

    i watched your all videos n looked all pics.u’re really hot:)
    can u give me your msn,skype or another something??

    i have an offer 4 u n this is special something

    best regards :)


  23. Washo4 Washo4 says:

    You both look very nice and I like the video too. I’d like to see some actions between the 2 of you.
    Whatever they say, don’t forget you are awesome.

  24. JustMe JustMe says:


    We I for one like it – it’s something different. Why shouldn’t Zuzinka do this? Not everybody likes everything all the time.

    Roll with it and enjoy the whole site.


  25. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    Fine, good to know. Why don’t you tell me what would you like to see me do instead?

  26. Dave Dave says:

    I have to agree with Angelo and Alex… A complete waste of time, and the writing on your (her) body thing is not in the least bit good, sexy, or clever… just utter stupidity… I think you’re stunning and some of the stuff you post is outrageously sexy, but when you miss the mark like this I just have to roll my eyes and wonder why you think this is in any way interesting…

  27. Peter Peter says:

    I prefer girls without url, but the atmosphere over all seems perfect and the same with the dresscode (not entirely nude pics are very sexy, too). If these pics should be terrible you’re queer or only in all-nude-spread-and-nothing-else-shots, which is only ONE possibility to look at girls. It’s perfect Zuzinka-style, and she’s perfect (but special!)

  28. Angelo Angelo says:

    sorry Zuzinka but I don’t like those photos.
    I feel it useless and squalid. Like Haendel in waiter dress.

  29. Scott Scott says:

    It is great seeing two beautiful girls at the same time! Many thanks! :-D

  30. Kick Kick says:

    Mmmm perky perky ;)

  31. Alex Alex says:

    These pics are terrible, sorry :(

  32. sasha sasha says:

    Great pic n0.2,
    I love your dress and the way you show your legs.
    Your friend looks,as you say,somehow but not totally innocent.
    Is she a memeber of the pantiless society?
    Thanks ionce more for sharing.

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