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These pictures have been made on request for quite some people who wanted to see me wearing leggings. Disclaimer: the pictures do not contain any nudity so if that offends you, please wait for the next post or browse through the older ones :-) I can’t be naked all the time after all, can I? :-)

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  1. Nick Nick says:

    Pleaseeeee leather leggings

  2. guillermo guillermo says:

    eres preciosa con lo que te pongas espero que lo leas besitos

  3. ste ste says:

    Your are so beatiful!
    Please more leggings!!!!!!


  4. ankur ankur says:

    u hv nice shaped body

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice body

  6. seb seb says:

    u are so beauty,in leggins u legs look hot,but…in stockings more hot;)

  7. emmerich emmerich says:

    more pics in leggins! its better than totally naked!!!! i like ur pics bb!!!!

    big kiss

  8. frank frank says:

    Lovely! You look very sexy in those legging.
    Wondering how a naughty cameltoe picture would look like :-P

  9. andrea andrea says:

    sei fantasticaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………. kiss from italy…..i would like meet you

  10. greco greco says:

    Hum you say:
    I can’t be naked all the time after all, can I?

    Well… I give you the permissioné :P

  11. reg reg says:

    leggings usually give a good camel toe picture sorry you failed this time

  12. purplestud purplestud says:

    zuzinka! those pics only prove that you dont need to get naked to be sexy and hot!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Difficult to feel offended! Sexy and elegant, perfect as always. However, there is a type of leggings to see on street which is rather more see-through …
    Just one question about leggings (and pantyhose): It must be difficult not to be/fell wet when it’s hot outside? So you must have felt “wet” in a completly different sense wearing these leggings?

  14. Nabeel Nabeel says:

    thanx zuzinka… :-*

  15. Wally057 Wally057 says:

    Hi Zuzinka, you are very beautiful in your leggins. I love all photos and videos of you and your beautiful body and pussy. But i wanted too see again your pussy more hairy like now. I would like to have your pussy on my mouth, i love cunnilingus. bye. see you soon.

  16. Washo4 Washo4 says:

    Very nice picts. Thanks :)

  17. Scott Scott says:

    You have the sexy inviting smile when wearing glasses. More please! ;-)

  18. MLO MLO says:

    My favorite are the pictures with you wearing glasses

  19. Kick Kick says:

    Wow some killing set ;)
    Love the glasses too …. sexy.

  20. Evan Evan says:

    Clothed or not, you’re incredibly sexy, especially in this outfit!

  21. Diego Diego says:

    i love you…..

  22. Pete Pete says:

    Include camel toe to those pictures and I’m all for it!

  23. Dave Dave says:

    That is seriously sexy.

  24. matt matt says:

    just great !! love it

  25. Icy Icy says:

    I want to see you in coffe colour pantyhose …. any chance to post some pictures?

  26. Da Beagle Da Beagle says:

    But still hot as always!

  27. Jeff Jeff says:

    Maybe they meant just leggings though :)

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