What happened this weekend….

May 4th, 2010 Leave a reply »

I spent some great time in Prague with my great friend Sabina, who is very much into SM sex and taught me some basics of being a mistress. It was fun, thanks Sabi ;-)

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  1. guillermo guillermo says:

    me gusta espero que lo leas besitos

  2. Muhammad Muhammad says:

    i like it……

  3. pjotr448 pjotr448 says:

    Zuzinka and her naked friends: Is it going to be a new item? I hope you have some more friends or you make more visits to Sabina and Ivet. Besides that I have some suggestions:
    On the internet I found that there are quiet a few women about your age who like to be photographed naked or in de nude. Some are/were students too. I can give some names. It may be not their real names. Three of them I’m pretty sure: MarketaBrymova, PavlaKroupova and ex.Miss Brno2004:Denisa Brazdova. The others are known with only their first name or uses an alias: Belicia, Linda, Renata, Steffi, Elena and about 10 others.
    I hope you know them and pay them a visit. I can also sent you pictures, but I don’t know how.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Andy Andy says:

    Zuzi, Sabina could teach me SM! Please show more.

  5. Gary Gary says:

    You realy are gorgeous for sure but speaking from experiance, you gota drop the ciggeretes, they’l spoil your good looks in the long run.

  6. moritz moritz says:

    I like sab04 a lot!

  7. matt matt says:

    just fantastic!!

  8. armando armando says:

    very nice baby

  9. Scott Scott says:

    Just want to say: Take her cloth all off! ;-)

  10. Kenny Kenny says:

    u need to add more pics of that weekend, like you eating your friends pussy

  11. Carlos Carlos says:

    Hey, seems you had a bit of fun… :-)

  12. poll poll says:

    Hi zuzinka and ty ..I like a lot your pictures with your pretty friends… and the others pictures also ;)

    More time pass, more I think I gonna visit private part of your site.

  13. Dave Dave says:

    More of this type of thing Zu. You both look beautiful xx

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