In the pool

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I went to a pool sauna in the evening, and here’s the taped report of it. A longer version, 20 mins, is posted in the private area .
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  1. jenny jenny says:

    beautiful body, beautiful face and a pussy i could eat for hours…

  2. M§ says:

    I give it a 6 out of 5 :D

  3. scorpio scorpio says:

    mmmm, Zuzinka. I love your smile and your gorgeous pussy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love your pussy its ooooo amazing pussy i would suck it anyday next time show some more pussy and stick a dido or two up it i bet a lot of people would love that i am an extreamly horny lesbian even though i got fucked last night i sooo badly wannna suck that sexy sweet pussy dry i think u are sooo sexy and i amm so horney give me a call 1 606 585 6660 maby we can fuck sometime

  5. Jason Jason says:

    Once again you produce a very sexy video. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us :)

  6. Big-R Big-R says:

    Tu es très jolie quand tu souris ^^ Pour le reste..

  7. Harry Harry says:

    Wow Zuzinka – if you were hot, how do you think we feel?

  8. reg reg says:

    you did not get your chocolate starfish wet. nice pussy

  9. jean jean says:

    I’m just in love with your pussy!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  10. Ady Ady says:

    hej, naozaj pekne, ani som si nestihol uvedomovat o com hovorite :D

  11. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    great to see you having so much fun, would love to join you in the hot tub!

  12. Scott Scott says:

    Looking at the impression of your face, you are enjoying the sauna very much, or the masturbation? ;-)
    Anyway, many thanks showing us the part that men want to see: your lovely pussy! :-D

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      It was not a sauna, it was a hot tub :-) I was really enjoying the entire thing… it was just so awesome.. :-)
      And you’re welcome, anytime ;-)

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