This is for one of my friends..

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..who is sick and has to be in hospital. And I my camera-guy once told me that the best way to help a man to get well is to wear a sexy nurse-suit :-D So I am trying it out:


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  1. Knollo Knollo says:

    Hallo Zuzinka,
    habe Deine Seite durchgestöbert und bin richtig von Dir eingenommen, oder besser, ich hab mich verliebt in Dich.Komplement, Du bist eine wunderbare Frau..
    Schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2012.

  2. Milos Milos says:

    Your performance in car was the best video I have ever seen!!!!! Well done.

  3. Anonymous says: are lowly lady

  4. Chris Chris says:

    If I was ill and thought you cared, I’d feel so happy.

  5. Bernd Bernd says:

    Well, maybe this works for me too. I caught a nasty cold and my voice is totally gone now.

    By the way- This would make up a very nice post-card motive.

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I hope it does – are you feeling better by now? :-)
      That’s nice that you think so… If I knew your address I would print it out and send it to you as a postcard ;-)

  6. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    What a tonic! who wouldn’t feel better for seeing you in a nurse’s uniform? Just need to watch the blood pressure!

  7. Scott Scott says:

    Just hope that your sexy nurse suit doesn’t give your friend a heart attack. ;-)

  8. kito kito says:

    nice pure
    that me kito agian just remind u of me and say hi
    dont forget my ideas too
    take care

  9. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    all better already i think :p

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