Sorry I didn’t make any post in the past few days…

October 25th, 2009 Leave a reply »

I was just too fascinated by the new Windows 7 and I couldn’t keep my hands off it…

But I am back with you now and I promise to behave less like a computer-freak from now on ;-)


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  1. SM SM says:

    what a great shot!! Love your art !!!

  2. Kester Kester says:

    You have a VERY nice bum! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Bernd Bernd says:

    Hey- I like your socks too,
    whats the motive on it?

    And- Whats so special on Win7 compared to Vista?
    I installed it on a small netbook just to play with it, but so far could not find the big advantage.

    Sorry, for not making any sexual comments now.

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hi Bernd,
      you’re forgiven
      The motive on my socks is a skull with a crown and a rose.
      About the Vista vs. Win 7 thing – dunno, to be honest I can’t really see any changes in performance, Vista has always worked just fine for me. But it’s new, slightly different and that’s enough to make me happy (I need new things in my life all the time).

  4. kuba kuba says:

    kráska :-*

  5. sbox7 sbox7 says:

    may i post your pic on my website, u r beutyful

  6. Michael Michael says:

    Nice Socks ;)
    Little Miss Punkrock :D

  7. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    Presenting us with a view like this Zuzinka – how could we not forgive you? I imagine you are my operating system and I can’t possibly keep my hands off you either!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You’re using your notebook naked, so you sold your cloths to buy the Windows 7? ;-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, just want to let you know that this Anonymous guy is me: Scott.

      • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

        :-D Ok, I’ll just assume from now on that you are every anonymous who writes here. And no – I just don’t really need to dress up until I go out, it’s quite warm in here.

  9. Copper Copper says:

    Been looking around for some updates, still disappointed, hope to see something interesting :) soon.

  10. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    You may still act like a geek because geeks come in categories just like all other people and you definitly belong to the best category: The fun and cute geeks

  11. Alex Alex says:

    Don’t tell us you bought this OS. Usually broke students just download any soft, including OS. Spent money on other real good stuff, sexy clothes for example ;)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I hate using illegal software… the people that developed it have to eat too, you know..
      And sexy clothes are not that expensive unless they are designer ;-)

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