I’ve got nothing to wear!

October 20th, 2009 Leave a reply »

Well, not literally but I think I am getting there :-|

So I will have to do some serious clothes shopping soon and this is your chance, my beloved visitors,  to let me know what would you like to see me wearing…. leather, feather, latex, spandex… you name it, I’ll wear it :-) Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Go ahead and unleash your imagination ;-)


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34 Responses

  1. j j says:

    try walking naked in a mall and sit down on a bench and the use a vibrator to masturbate till you cum and ask the camera guy to take a video of it then post it here!!
    and if you like porn go to youporn.com
    great ass!lick lick

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are amazing women if i have to count you with other women than i will count you as double(beauty and grace) U R great keep it up.

  3. Ted Ted says:

    I would like to see you me inside you.

  4. Faraon Faraon says:

    this nice Video what you make it for Windows 7 but it will be interesting if i see something new like repair car or something hard i do not know but think about it :-) Good luck

  5. Shannon Marie Shannon Marie says:

    You are incredibly sexy.

  6. teguh teguh says:

    nice pic…..and i love your pussy

  7. Ady Ady says:

    nejaku peknu bielu bluzku s kravatou a ciernu minisuknu :D

  8. me me says:

    Boots an nothing else :)

  9. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    there is something about you that just wants to give you the best sex you’ve ever had… Don’t know why but you make my day, day after day. Would love to feel your warmth and the glance of our sweathing bodies tangled in to fantastic sex and hear you moan x

  10. Tom Tom says:

    when will you go shopping? :)

  11. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    Thank you guys for all the suggestions :-)
    I have a pretty long shopping list now and i can’t wait to go out and do some shopping :-)

  12. Andy Andy says:

    Fishnet dress and or blouse? or in babyoil :)

    would love to see a video of you trying all these on at stores ;)

  13. fouguasse fouguasse says:

    bodypainting sound be a great idea, or without nothing, but with jewels to decorate…

  14. juro juro says:

    I think… I would love to see you in a very small bikini or bodypainting…

  15. badboy badboy says:

    nice photo!

  16. kick kick says:

    Latex throusers … black … seethrough shirt .. black …. high heels …black with polka dots ( white)
    Lol not asking for much ;)

  17. kamol kamol says:

    1. White Wet T-Shirt
    2. Really high heels… i mean, only high heels ;) generaly less = better :)
    3. Babyoil… ;) not clothes but i would really like to see babyoil on you ;P

  18. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    Large red set of beads, very tight white, see through blouse, open to the point where at least one nipple is clearly visible, red micro skirt with slit to the crutch, red designer stietto heals and positively no knickers. Ideally your shopping trip requires you to bend over a lot to examine goods, revealing breasts and pussy. All to be filmed for our delight in a busy public shopping mall.

    • Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

      Actually as I lay masterbating fantasising about this wonderful vision it occured to me that we should replace the Red designer stilettos with Black shiny leather thigh boots and the highest possible heels!

  19. Chris Chris says:

    1. I’d love to see a video of you doing your clothes shopping which shows you modelling ALL the clothes as you try them on.
    2. My day would be made if you would wear just a slinky silk shortie dressing gown with just a loose waist tie and then be videoed being driven around in a car as you bring yourself very slowly to an earth shattering orgasm. Mmmmmm. Will you dare?

  20. matthew matthew says:

    some thing black silky and sexy
    but then again being a nudist i love to see you naked always

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think what you are wearing in that photo is just right. But seriously I would love to see you in a tight top on a cold day so that your nipples protude a lot.

  22. Tom Tom says:

    a fishnet-dress and no underwear ;)

    well to be honest i don’t care as long as it’s revealing :D

  23. Jab Jab says:

    Zuzi- you would look good in a jean jacket, no bra, a skirt, no panties, and in flip flops :)

  24. Scott Scott says:

    Well, what to wear depends on the occasion. :-D
    But I think long or short dress that made of silk and without underwear should fit any occasion. ;-)

  25. peeker3k peeker3k says:

    What about jeans hotpants with pantyhose under it.
    A tight white top, without a bra.
    And boots almost up to your knee.
    If its cold outside you wear a coat.

  26. copper copper says:

    Anything that is made out of body clinching fabric !!! Would like to see some piece of nipple jewelry, kinda like the non piercing nipple shields, chains etc., coz now tat u look great in birthday suit, a little bit of precious jewels can decorate :)

  27. Mark Neath Mark Neath says:

    how about wearing a pearl thong for us

  28. rob rob says:

    them stretchy pants

  29. Alex Alex says:

    Well if not the weather young attractive girls like you should be dressed in just like you on this photo ;)

  30. jerone jerone says:

    Good time to try some tight Jeans.

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