Find 5 differences: a game » Zuzinka’s second picture

Zuzinka's second picture

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  1. circusge circusge says:

    wow, I really don’t care. I’ve been staring for a long time without any attempt to look at the floor. I guess the difference between the first and the second photo is that now I’m very, very horny.

  2. Ron Ron says:

    Freckle left breast, Ducks? head on red wood or curtain, Monitor or TV lights, Spot on floor directly below left hand, and spot in front of left hand…..

  3. Leonard Leonard says:

    1. Freckle on left breast
    2. Missing knot on cabinet (far left in picture)
    3. T.V. buttons
    4. Knot added to the floor
    5. 2 tiny dots changed to knot in floor under left hand.

    Your very beautiful. I hope I win.

  4. Jeanjean Jeanjean says:

    Motif on the marroon curtain, on the left H-S disappears, buttons on the TV disappear, motif on your left breast disappears, hitch under your left hand disappears, hitch a little bit lower is added.
    Luckily your nice eyes are still the same on both pictures.
    And why don’t you spreak French? That would be easier for me…

  5. Paul Paul says:

    Buttons @ the TV, spot on the chest, ‘thing’ on the red tree/wood thingi, mark on the floor removed and one added.
    makes 5 changes

  6. Boris Boris says:

    Obe foto prekrasnie. Na vtoroi podstrizhenie nogti na nogax.
    On the second photo nails on legs are cut off :)

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