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Zuzinka's first picture

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  1. Peter Nelson Peter Nelson says:

    I put the two images in separate layers in Photoshop and diff’ed them – there are other differences as well, but all the differences amount to just some pixel values. You could say a couple of spots on the floor, a blurry spot on the drapes, some minor edits of your skin on your breasts and arms, etc. Not clear whether these are the intended differences you had in mind.

  2. duken james duken james says:

    nice pussy girl…what’s ur email???

  3. Stanislav Stanislav says:

    Hi Zuzinka!)

    I’m from St.Petersburg, Russia.
    I like your page and you very much!))

    Would you like to come to my city in the summer?
    will show you around)

  4. Mark Neath Mark Neath says:

    5 differences – Buttons on TV gone. Knot on wood above right knee gone. Spot on wood floor under left hand gone. Spot on wood floor in front of left leg gone. Mole on left breast gone.

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