Find 5 differences: a game

October 17th, 2009 Leave a reply »

We did not play games for a while… :-)

I think the name of this one is pretty self-explanatory but still ;-) The first one who finds 5 differences between these pictures wins (as traditionally) one month pass to my private area

It’s a little tricky since the differences are small so you might need to enlarge the pics a bit.

Good luck ;-)

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29 Responses

  1. viktor viktor says:

    i can not found anything because has one delicious pussy on the pictures

  2. Zuzinka fan Zuzinka fan says:

    Your eyes and sexy body intrigue me

  3. Ady Ady says:

    vidim flaky na parketach a porty na tom monitore, ale to je vsetko

  4. Anonymous says:

    z u z i n k aaaa

  5. dieter dieter says:

    like some others I stared at your fabulous pussy all the time so I could not find any differences at all :-) )

  6. Mark Mark says:

    2 dots on the floot.
    One on your left breast.
    One on the side of the TV
    An the last one at the brown wood on top left.

    Did i won? :)

  7. Pete Pete says:

    I couldnt concentrate finding differences, when i was starring at your pussy the whole time. is that okay?

  8. Scott Scott says:

    Congratulation to Zed! :-D
    Well, I was too late to play the game, but I can enjoy the pictures more casually. ;-)

  9. Kick Kick says:

    Lol missed this one ;)
    Congratulations to Zed.

  10. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    Wow, you were fast, people :-)
    But the first one who had it all correct was *Zed*
    Congratulations ;-) You will get your login and password to your email as soon as I create it.
    All you other guys – good job ;-)

  11. Marco Marco says:

    Very fun game ! Same as Zed. I’m nearly blind in front of a such beautiful lady !

    Here are the 5 differences :
    - The TV buttons
    - Knurl on the wooden pillar
    - Knurl on the wooden floor
    - Another knurl on the wooden floor
    - A mark on your skin (left breast)

  12. BigBenny BigBenny says:

    Dear Zuzinka,

    As you have a heavenly body, I used some astronomical software (“Blink comparator”) and this the result:

    1. The buttons on the side of the TV-screen (just above the books);
    2. A lighter spot in the wooden beam above your knee, in the top third part of it;
    3. A dark spot on the floor, just above the bottom of the picture If you drop a line from the center bow on your very sexy bodice downward, you will cross it;
    4. A dark spot on the floor just below your ring finger of your left hand;
    5. (the most difficult) A tiny dark spot on your left breast, just above the first wave of the top of your bodice, to the left of the center bow.

    (Left means, your left of course).


    • Alex Alex says:

      Cool ;) I mean ”Blink comparator” soft, LOL. Normal ppl. (no offense) uses just two tab in browser with picture of size that fits into the screen, that’s all :)

      • BigBenny BigBenny says:

        Yes that is the “primitive” form a Blink Comparator. I used a program which XORed both pictures and the result is a black field with colored dots where there are differences between the pictures. Actually it turned out that there are a lot of small differences between the pictures, probably due to the JPEG compression. All the edges seems to have a small boundary of differences a few pixels wide.

  13. civicdragon civicdragon says:

    I’m late but I found them too

  14. Alex Alex says:

    I have founded them all – how to show you answer to your quest?

  15. Zed Zed says:

    You have an email – I didn’t want to say them all here to spoil peoples fun :)

    I loved this game. But I’m nearly blind now ;)

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