This is ALL I can think of an awful, cold, rainy days like today:

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And no, the picture was not taken today :-)


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  1. You’ve gotten probably the greatest webpages

  2. Daniele De Daniele De says:

    Wow, attractive website. Thnx ..

  3. Zed Zed says:

    What you need is a good book or story… ;)

  4. Brazilian_Guy Brazilian_Guy says:

    u should come to brazil. its a nice country and is very hot all the year.

  5. ram ram says:

    i want to lick ur boobs and pussy

  6. stickysteve stickysteve says:

    very athletic look there…..

  7. moo moo says:

    do you make watersports videos? i love to see you drink pee

  8. johnB johnB says:

    Zuzinka, Good to see that you know the things in life that will warm you up on those cold and rainy days – and any other day. It may not come as a surprise to you that I (like many others) dream of finding you in just such a position and state of undress ready to warm us on even the coldest of days. To find someone like you, (and preferably you) with your fantastic body and a wonderfully relaxed attitude to sex and the human body, will warm me any day.

  9. reg reg says:

    where is the cigarette for afterwards you can sleep in the wet patch

  10. Jack Moor Jack Moor says:

    I can supply the hot wine and cock (did you want that hot too?)
    Jack xx

  11. Scott Scott says:

    Holding a man’s warm body with his cocks inside you is a better way to keep you warm! ;-)

  12. Unit Unit says:

    So does that mean you like to think about cocks, Zuzinka?

  13. alexALEX alexALEX says:


  14. kito kito says:

    hello its me kito agian,
    nice post zuzinka.honesty i dont know wat ur email address to contact to u though it.
    at all u got mine..hope u contact me.
    i will give u good idea for shots with my cucumber…;)
    take care

  15. Kick Kick says:

    Sunshine … short skirts … is it already over the summer ;)

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