Outdoors with pigtails :-)

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I do not really wear pigtails everyday, nor any of my friends does… :-) however I thought it could have been fun to play with the girlish/bad plastic porn type of look for once…

I taped a long video with that look – available in the Private Area, but I still wanted to show a taste of it here.. :-) enjoy and let me know if I should ever try this look or totally drop it :-) (No,I won’t be offended, in case you tell me so…)

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  1. marcel marcel says:

    u can send me email i u like swetie love ♥ to hear from u gorgeous ;)

  2. marcel marcel says:

    oh yea i forgot to mention u also look hot in any style of hair of clothes Mmmmm :) ♥ u girl

  3. marcel marcel says:

    wow u look very cute with pigtails love it ooks good on you cutie ;P

  4. clint clint says:

    hey zuzinka you look hot in that out -fit your pussy looks so yunmmy when you show it,.show more of it.

  5. Ben Ben says:

    Pigtails look sooo cute seeing your legs spread would have made it even cuter…

  6. Rampaging Manatee Rampaging Manatee says:

    So cute! Pigtails or no pigtails, so cute! You could probably wear a gold mohawk and make it work. Sorry I’m a couple months behind, I just found your blog. Love it!


  7. Jason Jason says:

    The pigtails make you ‘look’ innocent.. Even though we know you aren’t.. hehe

  8. kamol kamol says:

    You look cute :* I would really like to see more “lollipop” action ;D

  9. Polprav Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      sure, I would be very flattered actually :-)
      As long as there’s a link to here there you can quote whatever you want.

  10. Luiz Luiz says:

    hi, im brazilian e_e, i dunno a lot of english , so i dindt find where i can make the request, i have on :D

  11. kito kito says:

    i think zuzinka that the cucumber is a great food….but i guess its can use for some think less….that u think about that..;)
    i hope u accept to do bold advert for it ..it my first project:)

  12. Kito Kito says:

    hello i am kito,
    i do like that idea of your blog being free and natural.
    i am a Programmer in the same day i meet ur blog i was working in a project,it was a web browser when i check your website i named it CucumberBrowser…now u are the reason of that name…wat if u advert for my browser.
    hope u replay me to send u that program and give u ideas for the advert
    good luck

  13. Red Red says:

    Where did you put this glass thing in?

  14. Othmar Othmar says:

    very beautiful, but you can try to wear your hair plaited, with one or two plaits.
    with love, O.

  15. Scott Scott says:

    Well, you do look girlish with pigtails. But you have a hot body no matter what you wear! ;-)

  16. copper copper says:

    Today was my first visit on to ur blog site. Kinda liked the idea of wat you are into.

    My gf was interested in flashing and we did experiment a few going pantiless and it was so thrilling.

    Ofcourse neither of us thought of caming that experience, but flashing is more easy when there isnt an additional caming excersise.

    Goodluck to you and shall keep watching your posts.

  17. peeker3k peeker3k says:

    i like your pigtails, but i thouht you mean pigtails like Pippi Longstocking.
    however. you are sexy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You Are a very attractive women with or without pigtrails

  19. bernd bernd says:

    What a question- Everything rocks on you!

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