Some pictures of myself in bed

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Ran into these, wasn’t sure whether to throw them away or post them – but hey, what the heck, they are not too bad after all :-)

The “almost same” sequence adds a little bit of Andy Warhol flavor, don’t you think? :) Those guys die too young… if the old Warhol dude were alive (with the all the due respect for my current cameraguy, who is very cool, but is not gay), I would probably try to convince him that once in a while, for change, pussy is not bad after all.

PS: if by any chance there is any genius gay artist in the audience, please raise your hand… :-)

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  1. zafran akhtar [pakistan] zafran akhtar [pakistan] says:

    hi zuzinka i am zafran from pakistan and i mlove your body i offer you for marrige i am 17 year old plz answer me i love you

  2. Reducto Reducto says:

    I have similar conversations with my GBF (gay best friend) all the time. He calls pussy “Wounds” and doesn’t like the idea of putting a cock anywhere near one.

    I think he’s missing out, but what can you do?

    Question: (odd question)

    what do you say to the idea of a cock covered in icing and sprinkles?
    (this is a debate that just arose between us because I’m looking at you, and there’s doughnuts on my desk… my mind thinks dangerous thoughts sometimes.)

  3. Andre Andre says:

    wow jste velmi půvabná. Byl jsem s ohledem na univerzitě v Brně sebe a pokud by všechny ženy jsou tak krásná, jak jste to snadná volba.

  4. johnB johnB says:

    After the recent “panties/no panties” debate I’m surprised to see you in bed wearing panties. The photos are good and erotic, and given the serious look on your face indicate that your fingers were not idle, but I would much prefer to wake up with you in bed and not a pantie in sight. As it is, I wake up to you blinking at me from a computer screen. Such is my luck. Keep the photos, videos and articles coming (or should that be cumming ??) and let’s see more of those lips!

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      That was just for a change.. can’t be naked all the time, otherwise it would get boring in a while, so sometimes I just have to sacrifise myself and wear panties :-)

  5. Singapore boy Singapore boy says:

    Nice seductive body every man like to have at least a piece of the meat.

    Stay healthy, pretty !

  6. daniel daniel says:

    Hey zuzinka, would love to see you do maybe the old drop your towel for the pizza guy trick, that would be great. Love your site by the way.

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hi Daniel, I am glad you like it here.. what’s that trick? I am from a country where pizza delivery works since like 3 years ago so I have no clue what trick you’re talking about.

  7. Andy Andy says:

    your body is very good

  8. Zed Zed says:

    They are all good but I like ‘Zuzinka_in_bed_00011′ best. Can we start a poll?!

    Keep up the good work ;)

  9. Anonymous says:

    If she gets a straight camera guy, who will use the camera while she’s using the camera guy?

  10. rex rex says:

    hihi…i like u public that ….thank

  11. Paula Paula says:

    How did you get on with your teacher Zuzinka?

  12. Scott Scott says:

    It looks like you’re seducing the camera guy. Are you successful in the end? ;-)
    He doesn’t like pussy? Does he prefer anal sex? ;-)

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