Daytrip to Slavkov

October 3rd, 2009 Leave a reply »

I didn’t want to spend all day playing computer games (which is usually what I like to do during weekends) but today was too nice weather to stay at home. So I went to Slavkov… really nice small town near Brno.

If you click through the gallery you will get the entire story of the day from the picture headlines ;-)

I definitely recommend visiting this little town, there’s a lot to see there ;-)

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  1. Tony Tony says:

    Thank you for the visit Zuzinka! You are the best guide! :)

  2. Joshua Joshua says:

    hey what kind of computer games do you play?

  3. sid yu sid yu says:

    zuzinka i am one of your fan here in phillippines we love what you are doing at this blog we proud that you are very strong girl who post naked…we love it….thanks ill wait for your reply

  4. david david says:

    hello zuzinka
    i was wondering if you ´d like to come to vienna again. I saw some pics and vids on your blog and i was glowing. you seem very natural and sympatic. i´d love to get to know you better. do you own a private mail adress? or msn? there we could chat better, and if you like, you could come to vienna and we will meet in real ;) if you like to
    kind regards

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hi David, I would definitely love to, also because I have lost all the pictures I took there :-( But I am not planning it anytime in close future. You can write me to: zuzinka (at) zuzinka (dot) com but I don’t use any messengers.

  5. BigBenny BigBenny says:

    You should try to sell these pictures to the Tourist Office of Slavkov. It is sure to increase the number of tourist who will “cum” to Slavkov.

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Awesome business plan, BigBenny, thax :-D
      Maybe one day I will make a book out of it.. “travel guide by Zuzinka” with me naked in all the cool places and testing local beer :-D

  6. matt matt says:

    been to the czech republic twice and loved it.beautiful girl beautiful
    good luck with your studies x

  7. LauraZen LauraZen says:

    Pretty incredible photos. Is this the start of a”no panties” life? Have you tried going to college or work without underwear ? That would make an interesting set of pics. :-)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I live without panties for quite some time :-) And I am really happy to hear that you like the pictures. I have done it at school many times but don’t have it on camera. But it might come at some point ;-)

  8. Kick Kick says:

    Love those black stockings Zuzinka and the dress …perfect match with you xxx

  9. Kick Kick says:

    Wow 6 stars erotic pics !!!

  10. holgi holgi says:

    Hi, nice fotos from You at Slavkov! I lived in Brno for some years enjoyed these places…
    Wanna to make You compliment for Your homepage. I love Your place.

  11. Zed Zed says:

    Goregous stockings, dress and shoes – and of course you inside them ;)

    I’d love to go on holiday there…
    …and Slavkov… :)

  12. Scott Scott says:

    Although the sun is shining, but by the dress you wear, the temperature seems pretty chill in the park. Even so you are still panty-less, courageous girl! ;-)
    Just hope the food and beer warm you up. :-D

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Yes, the temperature is getting really low lately :-( In about a month I will start seriously thinking about moving to some more southern country and these toughts will go away in may again :-)

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