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Going to Vienna to fullfill a request…

August 12th, 2009


Thanks for all the requests for videos and pictures – i have some dozens now, and I will find a cool way to prioritize them and shoot them in the next few weeks – that’s in large part what this blog is about, right? And please keep them cumming… the more creative the better :-)

While I will certainly shoot all the most popular ideas you suggested, I would also like, from time to time, to will pick up some specific ones that I found (myself) particular cool and/or sexy.

So here this is what I am doing today… there was a very nice guy, some days ago, who asked me to shoot something at a specific address in Vienna: well, that’s indeed rather crazy, but I kind of love the idea for whatever reason.

So this is what I am doing today – going to a street in Vienna, a special address, and try to shoot something cool there…

Let’s see what comes out of it – I will post the resulting video / pictures in the next couple of days :-)

PS. I’ll try to be as naughty as possible there – if you go all the way from Brno to Vienna, at least it whould be for some reason, right? :-)

Pictures from a stranger

August 11th, 2009
Zuzinka on the phone

Yesterday I was in a street in Brno, when an American tourist took a few pictures of me.

Well, I approached him, and we negotiated that he would send the pictures via mail to me :-)

To be true, I was not really sure to hear back from him, but in fact just half an hour later the pictures were there in my mailbox :-)

I actually found this thing  quite cool and sexy, not to mention extremely flattering… so I thought to publish the pictures here – got from him permission to do so ;-) (Thanks!)

Shooting myself while showering

August 10th, 2009

Ok, I guess this is one of the most requested themes… in the water. Others are coming.

Here’s the video – please let me know if you enjoy it! :-)

Coldfishes, and how to get a good fuck out of them

August 9th, 2009

This post is mostly for women.

It may apply also to men, to some extent, but your mileage may vary. Try at your own risk!

The situation is the following.

You gladly agreed to come to his place, full of expectations. You may not know him too much, or you may have just met him in a bar. Or perhaps he’s that old high-school mate, known for years, whose clothes you always dreamed to rip off – and never managed to, at least so far.

So you are full of expectations, we said. The dude is going to give you the time of your life, you think – or at least some delightful hours. You can’t wait thinking of all the nice treats you will receive, and that you are so ready to reciprocate.

You may be a bit nervous, especially in the case of the former high-school mate – but you know that you will wake up tomorrow in an awesome mood, and that for whole next day the world will seem a wonderful place – you’ll go through your daily stuff with the flashes of the night before, popping up to your mind and making you smile.

Ok, now what?

He opens your bra with trembling hands, if you are wearing one. He clumsily grabs one of your boobs, while staring at you…. uhm, he has a blank face.

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Few pictures from holiday

August 8th, 2009

I am not really in a writing mood tonight so I am just posting a few pics I made few days ago during my holiday. Enjoy!

10 requests for porn kings

August 7th, 2009

My little night thoughts about porn movies, posted some days ago, got quite some views and reactions.

So I thought to get more constructive with a followup. If I had ten requests for a porn director, what would I tell him? Here it is:

1. Stop the the moaning, I beg. Nobody moans, shouts and screams 35 mins in a row, no way. Please realize so: it’s just not as sexy as you think it its. Tell your actors/actresses that they are FORMALLY FORBIDDEN from ANY moaning during your scenes. This way, if any of them ends up moaning anyways (a bit), it will be and sound real.

2. Pigtails / cheerleader outfits / etc. I guess somebody likes this stuff – personally I find this rather a turnoff. It gives an immediate feeling of “we are shooting this”. Plus, girls in the real universe do not have pigtails, did you notice?

3. Think about the women. My guess is that probably something between 15%-35% of your audience is made of women. Why are you hiring dorks, then? Any chance to get actors that are sexy? Just in case: this does NOT mean that they should look like Armani models – we ladies aren’t usually turned on by that. Just plain sexy men – ask some girls around before casting, they will give you advice if you can’t figure out yourself. (being a porn king you are a man, in 99% of cases)

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Guess what I am doing when I make this face…

August 7th, 2009

Bets accepted :-)

Guess what I was doing here :-) bets accepted.

Showing off in the sun

August 6th, 2009

This is one of my favorite places to go get a suntan.

I am always topless there, and I enjoy when plenty of people stare at me if i put cream on my boobs :-)

I think I’ll have to be there without panties, too…

Upon special request :-)

August 5th, 2009

Got some requests in the comments for a picture of me while having a shower (” Tristan” and others).

I don’t have such a video handy at the moment – will have to shoot it soon! :-)

But taking a picture is a lot faster, so to show my willingness to deliver, here we are with the theme…

I love to receive such requests, in other words it makes me instantly wet… :-)   Thinking of taping them, even wetter… Wanna check?

I intend to deliver on ALL the reasonable requests for videos and pictures that I receive (and actually, also some of the unreasonable ones… :-) )

I guess I’ll have to prioritize by popularity and by level of fun… (I assume the latter is rather a personal one.. , but so far almost all the requests I have received are really fun, so they are all on my list :) )

Zuzinka showering

Zuzinka showering :-P

Shopping with no panties is better…

August 5th, 2009

Got a lift to town to go shopping…

I mentioned that I would enjoy it more if I had no panties under my miniskirt :-P

My friend enjoys the idea and asks me to take them off, right in the car…

He doesn’t need to repeat twice. :-D   – since he has the camera, he tapes the moment…

Why porn movies (mostly) suck? Any idea?

August 4th, 2009

Need your advice.

I was watching right now a porn video. I don’t do it very often – my imagination is quite good.

But I would actually do it more often, if only they were on average better.

I have the clear impression that producers of porn videos typically consider the audience of their material as being totally dumb.

It may be some cultural prejudice, perhaps… (as if they thought: “Ok, you are wanking on my production so you must be a bit dumb, therefore I’ll let you swallow whatever, who cares.”)

But you know what? Since we all masturbate,  this actually includes the smartest among us – probably the smart ones masturbate even more :-) (I’m quite serious here, I have a theory…).

So why not trying to target some porn movies at somewhat sophisticated wankers?

I mean, there are certainly high quality erotic movies around, but when you get to strict porn, then you are pretty much out of luck if your IQ is somewhere higher than 52. Obviously, you can still get aroused with them (I do get aroused, even when they suck) but it would be  a better deal if you hadn’t that sneaky feeling that the porn producers didn’t care too much, and that they were pretty much trying to fool you (you, the wanking dumbass).

I am not talking about quality in the technical sense – actually the budget in itself means very little, pretty much as in the mainstream movie industry. I am talking about the lack, usually, of any visible attempt to be a bit out-of-the-box, a bit less serial and standardized, trying to make some honest effort to please the viewers… Why Quentin Tarantino does not try making a porn movie, for godsake? :-D

What do you think? Am I being too prickly here? Any great example of porn that does not suck? I might compile a list….

PS: a picture from my archive, of myself just before the little experiment of driving naked :) … but don’t get distracted, I’d love to hear your opinion on the topic above….

Zuzinka driving naked

Being on camera makes me horny, especially tonight

August 4th, 2009

I admit that I totally enjoy being recorded on camera.

I guess this is part of being a little exhibitionist slut (oops, I didn’t say that – you didn’t hear, please :-) )

I guess being recorded on camera should definitely be one of the “Makes me wet” list…

You know, I consider myself rather shy, and I mean it, but I also immensely enjoy shocking people….

If there is one thing that makes me immediately horny is  doing everyday, normal things (shopping, meeting friends, going to school…) while my ass is half showing under my dress or skirt, pretending that nothing is happening. At school I didn’t dare, so far, but I am thinking about it.

Being able to have it recorded on camera, and share it with even more people here, makes me even more wet and horny. Ok, I guess I am horny tonight….

Let me know what you want me to do on camera… I want to hear your ideas, and I want to record them on video and show it all to you, be direct and don’t be to shy, please…, ok? I feel daring..

As a bonus, here below  is a video of me making a coffee… :)

Just placed a little video in the FAQ :-)

August 3rd, 2009


since I realized that the FAQ section of this bloggidyblog seems to be quite popular, and it gets quite a few comments and further questions, I thought to add a short video there, with hopefully some more answers – the video is here, right after the questions – enjoy :-)

PS: I haven’t had food the whole day, so now I am going to have an enormous pasta. This is the face I make when I am hungry, so that you know why I need to eat regularly. Damn, inconvenient.

PS2: I have little time today and tomorrow to follow up to comments and emails. I’ll still reply to all, I promise, ASAP. ;)

Zuzinka when is hungry

Find the clit, it’s a mission!

August 3rd, 2009

Sorry for this, guys – I don’t particularly like gynecological pictures, and I don’t think I will post any in the future.

But this one is here purely for educational purposes.

According to a survey appearing today on several newspapers, about 50% of adult males seem to have trouble finding the female clitoris.

So this looks to me like a real emergency – perhaps not as alarming as the global warming but still quite significant. I really thought I had to do my little something about it. :-P

See? This is a pussy, and clit is right there. Please keep it in mind! FOCUS there! A lot!

And yes, you are totally authorized and encouraged  to share and divulge this pussy  sample with as many people you may find appropriate – especially the ones who may have problems finding the magic place.

Thanks, also in the name of a number of future happ(ier) women!

This is a pussy, and the clit is right there!

An example of a pussy.

The other pics I took in Brno some days ago

August 2nd, 2009

Some days ago I posted a picture that I took myself in the park, and I mentioned that I was there experimenting a bit with my camera.

It turns out that I received a few requests to see the other pictures… there’s actually a bunch of them, but I am traveling right now and only a few are still on the camera that I have with me. (The others are on my laptop with which I cannot be online right now… complicated story full of technical details, forget it :) ).

Anyhow, here below there are some of the other pictures. I don’t particularly like them, but hey this is what i have, doing my best :-)

PS. I am posting this from an internet cafe. I hope I don’t get arrested if someone sees the pictures that I am transferring from the SD card of my little camera….