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I have invited my camera-guy over for a dinner tonight, didn’t want to eat all alone.. :-) I made pasta with shrimps and white sauce (yummy), he brought a bottle of my favourite pink wine and yeah.. it was a lot better that eating alone :-) Until he made me take my pants off and wash the dishes (don’t I have just the sweetest friends? :-D ) Thank god he didn’t have his camera with him but he has taken a few pics with mine and made me publish it here. He says that women look extremely sexy while cooking or washing dishes. And he’s the man so I guess I will just believe him :-)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    QUI SI CHE ERI UN BEL PUTTANONE. Ma dove sei finita??

  2. chico chico says:

    i love cooking, can i cook you dinner sometime. ill cook and clean the dishes. hah

  3. Victor Victor says:

    thanks for answer mi question :D , don’t matter if you don’t remember when was your first time but i think it was special :P …kisses

  4. kick kick says:

    Lol you should him do the coocking and dishes Zuzinka ;) and make some selfpics relaxing in the chair ;)

  5. Victor Victor says:

    hi zuzinka. i’m from lima peru… well you have nice photos and you are so hot…. i have a question.. when was your first time ?? i’ll be waiting for your answer.. bye

  6. Zed Zed says:

    You cook too??!!

    Personally, I would still have treated you to a meal out ;)

  7. jazz jazz says:

    Such a cute little ass on you Z xxx

  8. Scott Scott says:

    Well, why not just wear nothing but apron next time during all the time of cooking, eating, and then finally washing the dishes? :-D After all, you are at your place; you can wear anything, or nothing, if you like. ;-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    nice pics. you camera dude is one lucky guy. is he you’re boyfriend (or a friend with benefits)? if not that would be one tough job — looking but not touching!!

  10. Axel Axel says:

    is your camera guy italian (seems like in some videos)

    u r awesome, thanx for the blog!!

  11. roland roland says:

    I say good going cameraman… show her the ropes :D

  12. niri niri says:

    hmm you had to cook and then had to do the dishes aswell ? baaaad baaad cameraguy !! ;)

  13. nicolas nicolas says:

    You really are a beautiful girl !!!!

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