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I am sorry to make you wait for such a long time guys. But I was enjoying your creative ideas too much to announce the winner of the guessing game just yet :-)

Ok, so here we go…….. *fanfare*…. and the winner is….. KICK….*standing ovation*…:-D

Well, technically the winner is Nicolas because he was the first one to mention remote controlled vibrator but he is getting his “student membership” and since two memberships  would be rather useless for him I will give it to Kick, who was the second one with the correct answer.

All of you guys who were guessing it was a vibrator were almost right but it is really important for me that it’s remote controlled :-)  And yes, the camera guy was controlling it :-)

There was no exposing to me from his side (although it might be fun) or anyone else present during the shooting.

Thanx for all the answers, I had a blast reading them and please be so creative in the coming guessing games as well ;-)

I have posted now in my Private Area a longer video that “proves” that I was actually having the remote controlled dildo inside my pussy all the time… if you wanto to see it, just get yourself an access now! It is sure to be fun… :-)

If you like this post, you may want to check my longer, naughty videos

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  1. kick kick says:

    Lol … first time ever I won an price … ;) thanks .. yippiezz

  2. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    Kick, please contact me on my email address zuzinka [at] zuzinka [dot] com and claim your prize.

  3. roland roland says:

    I would like to try to see more naked naked naked!!

  4. Harald Harald says:

    Pity, again I did not win:-( I hope there is a second chance…

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