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New tongue piercing

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  1. dieter dieter says:

    Well, frankly spoken, what’s so special about your new panties?I personally don’t consider them very sexy – you certainly have sexier ones :-) )

    I was so glad that I couldn’t discover any of those silly tattoos or piercings on your perfect (no flattery!) body – but a tongue-piercing is absolutely the worst thing you can do to your teeth – it will slowly damage the tooth enamel of your nice teeth.Keep this in mind, please!!!

    Regards from Germany,

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Nothing really, they are just new and I like them.
      I know the tongue piercing can be dangerous for the teeth but you can see the bottom ball is plastic – I always have this one plastic and the top one doesn’t touch my teeth at all. And my dentist said it should be ok this way.

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