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Some of you were wondering how would I look with bigger boobs or a push-up bra on. So I have searched through the deepest, long forgotten corners of my wardrobe and found one. I felt like I was fifteen again when i was putting it on but in the end I kinda liked the result :-) So here you go, this is how I would look like with bigger boobs.DSCF7507

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  1. Jon Jon says:

    Hi Zuzinka,

    Luved u in this bra. Makes you look sexy. Would also be nice to see u in matching briefs. You look g8!!!

    Jon :)

  2. Rudi Rudi says:

    Hallo Zuzinka,
    you are the sweetest girl ever seen! A wonderful smile, sweet natural breast (please don’t tune them up), a marvelous booty, awesome hips, just a really fantastic body.
    Although I’m a fan of bushes (it’s very erotic to discover it), I love your sweet pussy. It looks like the door to heaven.
    Well, I love you!!

  3. Rote Rote says:

    Why don’t you post on
    They could give you a digital surgery… trust me, there are the best photoshoppers on the web on that forum ;)

  4. miko miko says:

    you look like the girl from madtv, i think this post is a compliment. not sure…

  5. dieter dieter says:

    Your boobs fit your body very well – please don’t think of implants or such!!!

    I often think of the times in the 70s – to early 90s when women went “bra-less” over here in Germany which made them look very sexy indeed :-) )

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I was never even thinking about implants.. i guess only a few people find plastic very arousing… Being bra-less is the coolest thing ever.. so free :-)

  6. john john says:

    You have fantastic natural boobs; in fact, you’re pretty amazing all over. Leave your body as it is – fantastic!

  7. china rod china rod says:

    you look like you should be the chick from true blood. her name was sookie stackhouse. you have that look

  8. Alex Alex says:

    It would be really cool to see you use a dildo in a public place, like a cafe or on a bench or something. Your site is amazing.

  9. klucik klucik says:

    mas krasny kozicky :) vlastne si krasna cela :-*

  10. kick kick says:

    Never get bigger boobies ;)
    Love the natrual look Zuzinka

  11. Scott Scott says:

    This is for demonstration only, right? Just wonder when you stop wearing bras? You look much natural without bras. ;-)

  12. engineer71 engineer71 says:

    I read this blog everyday, and never been disappointed by a single post.
    You certainly have an awesome body, but what really makes it irresistibly sexy is the creative mind inside it.
    Note: your “Share this article” feature seems to be broken… (I tried to share you with friends)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Thank you Engeneer, I feel flattered :-)
      And also thank you very much for letting me know about the “Share” feature.

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