A video documenting how your requests are picked :)

August 19th, 2009 Leave a reply »

Ok – it may not be the most scientific method.

Still, I got a lot of cool requests from you guys, and had to prioritize somehow among the popular/cool ones. (Did I mention how much I like to receive your requests? Guess so…)

Anyway, I did the following: I wrote a number of requests on a few post-it, placed them on the wall, and then picked up some of them while blindfolded…

Of course, I had to tape it, to document properly :-) And the winning request is…. Watch the video to find out!

And yes, of course: will tape the winning request(s)  in the next days…

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13 Responses

  1. Simon Simon says:

    I only wanted to jump you and fuck you up the pussy

  2. Bob Bob says:

    You have a lovely body, why do you poison it ?
    Please throw away those cigarettes on your desk !

  3. niri niri says:

    if you are gone get more and more requests you are gone need help selecting them. I hereby offer you my help :) :)

  4. Man Man says:

    So how do I access the private area? :D

  5. nworb noni nworb noni says:

    Bonjour Zuzinka,
    Encore une superbe video, a ça va me manquer tout ça, je pars pour un mois en Australie, Wahou enfin les vacances
    Mais je ne pourrais pu voir tes videos pendant un mois.Dommage mais on ne peut avoir. Salut et gros bizoux

    PS: je sais tu ne comprend pas le français.

    • methecameradude methecameradude says:

      je vais traduire (express translation service :-) )
      Hello Zuzinka.
      Once again an awesome video, I am going to miss all this – I am leaving for one month in Australia, finally my holisays.
      But i am won’t be able to see your videos for one month, too bad. Bye and huge kisses.
      PS: I know you don’t speak French….

      • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

        Please translate back: That’s nice from you to let me know :-) Have fun in Australia and when you come back you will at least have a lot to watch ;-)

  6. Martin Martin says:

    Dear Zuzinka,

    where do you shoot those videos? It always looks like an office-building not your home, I guess?


  7. Man Man says:

    Hey there again! I was wondering what is the private section all about? and what is your e-mail or ur messenger id if u could tell me :)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hey man :-)
      there are just more erotic videos in the private section. I don’t use any messenger and my e-mail is: zuzinka [at] zuzinka.com

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