Talking (really) dirty!

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I admit it – I am perhaps not too good in talking dirty. But I am more than willing to try ;-)

A really cool idea that came from (some of you), was to have me talking dirty in your own native language.

I would love to try it! But I need your help… It works like this:
Please leave a comment with 1-2 sentences in your own native language. You don’t need to say what it means, it’s more fun if I don’t know it, for the time being :-)

Just make sure to also leave a hint on the pronunciation, if your language is really complicated.

Please don’t be shy! Try to make your sentence as dirty as possible! Go wild, release it all! There is no point in talking dirty, if it is not really, really dirty…

As soon as I have collected enough sentences/languages, I will tape a video with them, and post it here. Thanks for your help!

PS: tell your friends from different native languages… I’d like to try as many languages as possible :-)

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50 Responses

  1. dividi dividi says:


    Pisti yra idealas, jai nepisi tau bus galas, pisk mane kaip dar nepises!!

  2. max max says:

    love talking dirty while having sex u have such a cute pusssy love to suck that beautiful pussy wat to see u open your tight little bum so i can see your pink hole

  3. El Tonio El Tonio says:

    En français.
    Ferme la et viens me sucer salope !
    Ecarte les jambres que je te défonce la chatte petite pute !

  4. manado manado says:

    boleh mo goso?

  5. prity prity says:

    u sexy babe, u rock with all ur gorgeous stuff. love to have a fun with u for whole day…

  6. max5mus max5mus says:

    you can also say ;
    “leche moi le clito , mets ta langue profond “- as lick my clit and ,your tongue deep inside

  7. nikolas nikolas says:

    i was thinking something in arabic :D but the pronounciation is very very hard … a usually unwritable :(

  8. yoga yoga says:

    “saya suka banget ngisep kontol dan ngentot”
    please try it for me.

  9. Charle Charle says:

    Kom eet my lekker jagse poesie.
    This is Afrikaans. Much like Dutch.

  10. kia kia says:

    ajab kos o kooni dari jigar…kiram tuye koset…kiram tuye koonet…bokonamet seft…(PERSIAN)
    means you have a great ass and pussy..I like to fuck from front and bak..I like to fuck you hard..

  11. olio olio says:

    in Flemish (or dutch if you prefer):

    “geile bok, neem me zo hard je kan! Trek me de kleren van het lijf, Olio, en laat me jou aftrekken”

  12., fute-ma de sa-mi sara capacele!!!


    Translatian English: Fuck the hell out of me!

  13. rafael rafael says:

    here goes some nice words in portuguese:

    sou tua puta…me fode gostoso meu bem, vem, quero te dar, vem que estou quentinha te esperando, vem

  14. Bryan Bryan says:

    Spanish – quiero que me lo metas duro.

  15. fantasyshen fantasyshen says:

    well, it is just like a serious of pictures…

  16. Scott Scott says:

    You know, people say to learn a new language, the first word and sentence you learn is dirty word. So you decide to pick up new language? ;-)

  17. aussie aussie says:

    Да разпереебись ты блядским проёбом, хуево пизпроебище. Охуеть можно от таких выебонов в блоге.

    Russian. Phonetics like your native, i think

  18. Matteo Matteo says:

    Sono la tua troia e voglio succhiarti il cazzo fino a quando non mi vieni in gola…

  19. Joe Joe says:

    This is great! I hope I’m not too late. There’s a lot of spanish already, but there aren’t many that I can picture a girl saying. If I try to make it very dirty, I’m not sure how realistic it will be, but I’ll give it a shot anyway:

    Chupame hasta que este empapada. Ahora metemelo hasta el fondo!

    a as in cat, e as in leg, o as in pot, u as in foot, ch as in chain and the h is silent.

    BTW, let me say that its amazing and generous (not to mention increadibly hot) to have a beatiful and smart girl like you do this kind of thing. Keep it up! (You’ll keep us up as well.) :-D

  20. Roberto, Caracas Roberto, Caracas says:

    In italian:
    dai, con quel cazzone………sfondami bene il culo, e poi riempilo di sborra

    Another in spanish:
    Te voy a chupar el guevo, hasta que me corras en los labios

  21. Adam Adam says:

    Jag är törstig. Finns det någon kuk ledig?

  22. Nico Nico says:

    An other one in French

    ” Oh oui Nico, lime moi la rondelle!” ^^

    It’s not really poetic!

    Thanks for your blog Zuzinka

    Je t’embrasse

    • Olivier Olivier says:

      it’s was dirty like 40 years ago…
      But if you want some dirty french text, just take a look on youtube for «black tabou». I think it will be difficult to be more dirty than this.

  23. Adam Adam says:

    Jag känner mig så kåt. Vill du slicka min fitta? :)

  24. Vare Vare says:


    Oh si, kiero comerte la poya, lamerla y tragarme tu lefa. Llename la boca de tu leche.
    Soy una sucia zorra caliente, follame hasta correrme!!!

    well in spain some girls said things like this jeje.

  25. Cor Cor says:

    don’t you all have something better to do. :S

    Just say “Ik wil je” and “Neuk me, harder” and i will come on your face :D

    That was dutch of course

  26. Eirik Eirik says:

    This is norwegian
    Jeg elsker når gutter sleiker fitta mi til jeg kommer.
    jeg er så våt, kan noen knulle meg?
    jeg elsker å suge gutter til de fyller munnen min med varm, god sperm!

  27. војкан војкан says:

    јебем те у уста ал си добра пичка за чехињу

  28. Andrei Andrei says:

    O, iubire, miar placea nespus sa facem dragoste!

  29. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    I am really looking forward to tape this… it will be so much fun :-)

  30. Max Max says:

    Italian, dirty and very appreciated by a man:
    - Mi piace tanto essere coperta di sborra
    - Voglio essere inculata a sangue
    - Sfondami la sorca
    - Voglio lecciarti il cazzo e le palle

  31. Alessandro Alessandro says:

    this is only for me ^^

    alessandro voglio succhiarti il cazzo e bere il il tuo sperma

    lol with this word i can cum a lot ^^

  32. Tanya Tanya says:

    Not realy dirty, but very funny, because in a other situation it’s a running gag in Germany, Bochum

    The original:
    Mach mal ei für dat Meeh.
    Translatet to real german:
    Streichel mal das Schaf
    Google translation:
    Times petting the sheep

    My idea:
    Mach mal ei für den Heinz

    Heinz=In our area a other word for dick, because we are so shy ;)

  33. Johan Johan says:

    foyame!! foyame bien!! así así vamos korrete dentro de mí, estoy muy caliente, me gusta sentir tu poya, vamos foyame

    That would be hot and more apropriate for a girl to say

  34. Anonymous says:

    futma karin ne beth deri sa te ndiej bolet e tua qe perplasen me te

    schiaffami il tuo cazzo in culo e sbattimi le palle sulle chiappe

  35. Underground Underground says:

    -pocepacu ti picku debelim kurcem

    -prvo cu ti razvaliti dupe a onda ti dati da mi ga popusis i i da se nagutas sperme

  36. jc jc says:


    Sienteme!!! acabame, vamos acabame perrita, deja salir tu leche que yo te lleno con la mía!!!

    • Johan Johan says:

      If you talk like this you will sound like a guy talking dirty, not quite right for a girl to say that things… dont you agree jc?? I must say It’d be really funny to have Zuzinka saying that sentences!!!

      • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

        I agree Johan… it might be a better idea if you guys were sending phrases that you would like to hear from a woman, not the ones you would tell her… otherwise it will make me sound like a transsexual :-)

  37. DFab DFab says:

    Hello Zuzinka, I have some French sentences for you :)

    French is a very rich language, but rather hard to pronounce… Don’t give up ^^

    - « Je suis une grosse cochone »
    which sounds like the English : “[je] sui un gRoss coshon” where « je » can’t be writen in English but is the same as in the classical universally known sentence « Je t’aime ».

    - « Prends-moi par derrière ! »
    which sounds like “pran mwa par derier”

    - « Ma chatte est toute mouillée. »
    which sounds like “ma shatt é tutt muié” (where ‘é’ must be pronounced as the ‘e’ in ‘credit’)

    - « Mets moi ton doigt dans le cul ! »
    which sounds like “mé mwa ton dwa dan l’ku”

    And a last one :)
    - « Baise moi fort, fais moi jouïr ! »
    “Bèz mwa for fé mwa juir”

    I hope you’ll like it :)

    Kisses from France,

  38. libersilver libersilver says:

    Dobry den Zuzinka,

    Here you can find 2 examples.

    FR: J’aime prendre ta grosse queue dans mon cul

    PT: Gosto tanto de chupar os teus tomates

    But you will need probably help to pronounce it…

  39. Daniel Daniel says:

    Nochmal Deutsch =)

    Nehm mich richtig hart ran…

    Stoß mich bis das Haus zusammenbricht!!!

    Српска нешто

    Ду геилер Хенгст узети преко мене право

    the last language is serbian =D

  40. Paul Paul says:

    Bisschen Deutsch :)

    Leck meinen Teppich bis er trieft du dreckiger Wurm!

    Fick mich da wo die Sonne nie scheint!

  41. Oqoneck Oqoneck says:

    Znaczy co? Mam świntuszyć po polsku, tak? ;)
    Oj Zuzka, Zuzka! Jeszcze parę takich gorących materiałów i wybijesz mi zęby moim własnym fiutem ;)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Wow.. that looks difficult, I will have to practise a lot :-)

      • shadow shadow says:

        What Oqoneck wrote are words from man to girl (to you, actually) ;)
        Other dirty talk from your northern neighbours:
        “Chcę się z tobą pieprzyć! Jestem tak nagrzana, że mokra aż po skarpetki” ;) (definitely it can be talked only by girl to guy).
        And, by the way, aren’t you afraid of being used to saying something not dirty? E.g. “i have penis” or “our president is damn potato”? ;>

  42. roland roland says:

    First of all, I think people that try to be first are very childish.. anyhow I am FIRST today,

    Second some dirty talk in dutch.

    Ik wil dat rokje van je reet rukken en je in je naad naaien.

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