My pantyless lunch in a central cafe

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While in Vienna a couple of days ago, I had lunch at a very central cafe, not far from Stephansplatz.

I can totally recommend the cafe, and especially the Swiss fondue they serve there (I had the one with shrimps – odd but awesome).

Here’s a clip documenting the lunch, and also my lack of underwear during it :-)

Little contest: if anyone from Vienna or else can guess correctly the name of the cafe, he/she wins a free access to see all my long videos (that includes, among all the other goodies, a 35 minutes filmed documentary of that same nice trip – Yes, I did some craz(ier) things while I was in town… :-P   )

(If you don’t win the contest, don’t worry too much, as you can always get yourself an access ;-) )
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  1. Luca Luca says:

    You are simply beautiful,so natural and your smile is sweet as a Sacher.Kisses

  2. luke luke says:

    charly’s? did you mean charly p’s?
    … you didn’t like it? … what a shame. but why?
    music? people?

    it’s actually one of the most fun pubs in vienna. depending on what day and time you go there. (unfortunatly it always closes at 3 am the latest :-( )

    on some occasion give it a nother try and chance … it broke my heart when you said it sucked :-(

  3. Evok Evok says:

    You are extraordinary !! You make me crazy !! so lickable pussy !! Kisses

  4. Michael Michael says:

    i got my access and i can only say:
    Get yourself one! It`s really worth its money ;)

  5. Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

    Thanx for all the guesses guys :-) The correct answer is Chamäleon. I am really impressed how quickly you found the correct answer Michael ;-) Please send me an email so I can set up the membership for you. And the rest of you guys can try again next time ;-)

  6. D.S. in Tampa Florida D.S. in Tampa Florida says:

    Galerie Angela

  7. mtbuc mtbuc says:

    galerie angela ilhof?

  8. stefan stefan says:

    Galerie Angela Nedwed, Blutgasse 3

    Ciao, Bella…

  9. Adam Adam says:

    I think it is Café Alt Wien on Bäckerstrasse 9.

  10. Oqoneck Oqoneck says:

    Here I’am…
    What’s hepened??

    Last video… Mhmmmm!
    Zooooom, feeeeet
    It’s lovelly!

  11. Harald Harald says:

    Here is a photo of your cafe:

    Do I get free access to your videos, too? Pleaseee;-))


  12. niri niri says:

    hmm guess i’m to late but i think its Chamäleon aswell

  13. Andrei Andrei says:

    how about Hass&Hass Teahouse ? I am not sure yet.

  14. Akmon Akmon says:

    Yes, Chamäleon I think :)

  15. Geri Geri says:

    Perhaps “Himmelpforte” or “Restaurant Kurz” ?

  16. Michael Michael says:

    I think it`s the Chamäleon ;)

  17. Geri Geri says:


  18. Smile Smile says:

    Hopefully X-Celsior :)

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