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69I am in kinda in a philosophical mood tonight and saw number 69 somewhere, which always gets my attention and for some reason I always end up thinking about the sexy 69 :-) So I was trying to figure out why is this position so loved by men and most women I know prefer almost all other positions over this one. For men it’s i guess nice to get a blowjob while playing with a pussy. It also ensures that any issues that might spoil the mood will not come up (simply becasue she just can’t talk with her mouth full). It also makes the foreplay shorter and more efficient because everything is happening at the same time :-) On the other hand, women’s (or at least mine) point of view is not that positive for 69. Despite being a women I simply can’t focus on two things happening at the same time. I really enjoy both sides of the deal but they have to be a bit more spread over time. When I am on the top all I can see is a butt. Ain’t pretty. And when I am in the bottom “men’s best friend” (and I am not talking about dogs here) gets to me in a really weird angle, is totally blocking my airways and I can’t move my head so I feel kinda stuck there. So that’s about all my tought about it from me… So a little poll for you: why do/don’t you like this position? I am curious fox, I know…

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  1. Treacle Treacle says:

    Hi Zuzinka, I am suprised to hear that women don’t like the 69 position my partner is able to cum quicker if she is sucking my cock while I lick her clitoris. I prefer her on top of me, but laying on the side is good as well, sometimes it is good to be focused on giving your partner pleasure and only to realise you are close to orgasm yourself.

  2. Scott Scott says:

    Well, I don’t much like that position personally. I mean it is hard for me to please and to be pleased at the same time. I prefer to let the girl decide to be licked the clip or suck dick first. Of course if the girl wants to do the position, I’ll comply as well. Anyway, this is just my personal thought only.

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I am really glad to hear this… I have lived under the impression that all men love this position and it feels nice not to be the only one who has some problems with it :-)

  3. Adam Adam says:

    I think it is important to listen to each other and hear what the partner likes. 69 is one of many to use. It is also important to not get stuck on just one, I like to use many other things, especially the “spell alphabet or the girls all name” (particulary when one spell wrong on purpose.)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hmmmm… spell alphabet? What is that? It sounds interesting…

      • Adam Adam says:

        Zuzinka, it is about writing the alphabet from A-Z or the girls all name with the tongue on the most sensible spot ;) You can imagine that the girl go crazy if one spell wrong letter on purpose. Then one have to start from the beginning ;)

  4. niri niri says:

    Never had bad experience with 69, so I like it.

  5. Pipin Pipin says:

    hi zuzinka,I like your picture and clips and more’s,I want to give your my opinion how about if you making your clip just you are peeing,but your skirt just up not open,i mean just your panties takes off..thankss

  6. libersilver libersilver says:

    Honestly, it’s not my favorite. The first reason is the lack of movement’s possibilities.

    The second is that a lot of girls doesn’t appreciate that much this position. And when I make love, I’m dedicated to the pleasure of my partner.

    I can understand that boys preferes 69 than girls just because the head’s movements are more important for the girls than the boys. You can lick the pussy of your partner by moving a little bit your mouth and make the main job with your tongue.

    So, if you want to go for 69, I suggest the girl above to give her all potential for a good blowjob.

    Thanks Zuzinka for your nice blog which is different from all this hard-porno sites… Hope you’ll continue :-)

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hi Libersilver, thanx for your comment. That’s really sweet that you focus on pleasuring your partner, everybody should do that :-) Sex would be much nicer :-)
      And of course I will continue, I am having lots of fun with this little blog.

  7. Froben Froben says:


  8. Pudding Pudding says:

    i do like this position very much but i find it hard to share dominance if you know whqat i mean but all of the above is very true :P . I suppose i like seeing the pussy from a differant angle (and playing with it from a differant angle) xx

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Thanx for your reply… sharing dominance is an interesting point, why do you find it hard?

      • pudding pudding says:

        i dont really know, i suppose i prefer to focus on the womens pleasure so rather than 69 i would much prefer just to go down on her until she orgasms, but i wouldnt stop there, there’s nothing wrong with tongue stamina :P

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