Like my miniskirt in Vienna? :)

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I did not get arrested in Vienna, but I certainly tried hard to…

It was a lot of fun, and what I chose to wear for the occasion was was a pink miniskirt, or should I say microskirt – barely covering my ass, and of course without underwear ;-) My white tshirt, without any bra, was totally transparent in order to show the status of my nipples…

I will post the rest of the clips in the next couple of days. Here’s for the time being, my arrival at the station and a taxi ride that hopefully the taxi driver won’t forget too soon (he was insistently looking at the rear mirror…)

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  1. Stefan Stefan says:

    If you ever come to Vienna again please contact me and I will show you the best “sights” ;-)
    You’re so hot

  2. david david says:

    Great website, I have an Idea for you! Go sho shopping in your little short skirt and shoe the facial expressions of the salesman when they look up your skirt.

  3. Francesco Francesco says:

    Are taxis less expensive in Vienna?
    Thanx for fulfilling, incidentally I guess, also my request.

  4. Andrei Andrei says:

    Hy there. You said that luckily you didn’t got arrested, although you have tried a lot. Lol. You wanted to get arested?

    Did you filmed the taxi driver staring at you? That would have been realy funny for us too :P

  5. Jonti Jonti says:

    Another wonderful clip :) Thanks Zuzinka :) Sounds like you had a really fun time in Vienna! Lucky taxi driver :)

    Can’t wait to see more from your trip over there! I hope you come over to the UK some day :D

  6. rafael rafael says:

    your face is pretty on this picture by the way!

  7. pino pino says:

    did you know???I like your clips about shooping without your panties,,bravo zuzinka

  8. pino pino says:

    thanks zuzinka good clips,make your clips about your peeing

  9. Dimitri Dimitri says:

    Lovin you more and more every day and every time I see you horny like this….kisses!

  10. Alex Alex says:

    how did you like my hometown? And the taxi driver was luky for sure :)

  11. Adam Adam says:

    Amazing, I love your miniskirt and the way you touch your hair in the car.

  12. Duegaard Duegaard says:

    wirklich hübsch, der Rock ist auch sehr nett, hast du auch einen plaid-skirt (Faltenrock) in der länge …. und wäre es möglich, das du auch mal deinen Hintern zeigen kannst, beim bücken (bendover) ! Danke im voraus.
    hope you can german-read

  13. Joe Joe says:

    I don’t know why I was aroused when I watched it, but I was. Maybe it’s called “hope”.

    And you can do better, you can be more daring!
    Can I be the guy taking the video? ;)

  14. Harald Harald says:

    Nice video! I like very much! I see you are very active:-)

  15. Pete Pete says:

    Beautiful!!! Both you and your pussy!

  16. roland roland says:

    Woohoo first one today!

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