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August 11th, 2009 Leave a reply »
Zuzinka on the phone

Yesterday I was in a street in Brno, when an American tourist took a few pictures of me.

Well, I approached him, and we negotiated that he would send the pictures via mail to me :-)

To be true, I was not really sure to hear back from him, but in fact just half an hour later the pictures were there in my mailbox :-)

I actually found this thing  quite cool and sexy, not to mention extremely flattering… so I thought to publish the pictures here – got from him permission to do so ;-) (Thanks!)

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  1. andy andy says:

    zuzinka powiedz czemu taka sliczna dziewczyna podazuje tylek w necie? Tylko kasa?

  2. Anonymous says:

    u wr great so beautiful………..
    liked ya vry much must make u cry..hehehe

  3. niri niri says:

    such a nice outfit !!

  4. KB KB says:

    meet you at the Zelny Trh fountain in 3 weeks & I’ll take pics of you

  5. nworb noni nworb noni says:

    Ah, superbe photo et je voulais remercier methecameradude says:
    Pour la traduction. franchement merci.
    En plus je me sent moin seul merci beaucoup.
    Et tout ça grace a notre Zuzinka.
    Yahou, c’est fort ça.

  6. Chris Chris says:

    you look gorgeous as usual

  7. Chris Chris says:

    i would love to take pics for you but its hard living on the other side of the world.

  8. Romantic Don Juan Romantic Don Juan says:


    I hope you gave him your blog URL so that he can discover more about you……;-)

    You could also take special pictures to thank him. I am sure he will enjoy ……

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