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Got some requests in the comments for a picture of me while having a shower (” Tristan” and others).

I don’t have such a video handy at the moment – will have to shoot it soon! :-)

But taking a picture is a lot faster, so to show my willingness to deliver, here we are with the theme…

I love to receive such requests, in other words it makes me instantly wet… :-)   Thinking of taping them, even wetter… Wanna check?

I intend to deliver on ALL the reasonable requests for videos and pictures that I receive (and actually, also some of the unreasonable ones… :-) )

I guess I’ll have to prioritize by popularity and by level of fun… (I assume the latter is rather a personal one.. , but so far almost all the requests I have received are really fun, so they are all on my list :) )

Zuzinka showering

Zuzinka showering :-P

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  1. manu7 manu7 says:

    In many of your pics and vids you are the exhibitionist.
    What I would like to know is do you also like to watch?

    Would you consider being filmed watching a man and woman seducing each other and fucking, while you watch? – without panties of course… With a mirror behind them you could film yourself doing this . It would be exciting to see you get excited doing this.

  2. clint clint says:

    hi zuzinka how are you babe ,i think your the hottiest girl ive ever seen and your pussy is so yummy looking your lips and clit are very beutifull.take care sweety,kisses ,clint

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    I just found your blog accidentally.
    You are very outspoken, thought open and smart,
    I was attracted and became your fan instantly.
    I’d really like to read your mind,
    (my English is quite poor that I must keep checking dictionary during read your blog, hope you understand what I wrote)
    I just want to let you know I like you and thank you so much for your sharing.

    Have a nice day
    & Many Kisses

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Hi Daniel, I am glad you like what I do :-)
      Where are you from? I understood what you wrote very well, except the “I’d really like to read your mind” thing, that sounds a bit scary :-)
      Have a nice day too,

      • Daniel Daniel says:

        I’m so sorry for causing scary to you,
        actually I mean you interested me in your temperament, your character,
        I’m willing to know what you think,
        girl like you is quite strange in my city – Hong Kong.

        As you say, you enjoy does the job “shocking people”, pretending that nothing is happening (4th Aug),
        since I always immediately excited to “got shocked”,
        such scene always make my heart beats violently – and pretending that nothing is happening too,
        I think this is (one of) the most significant character I appreciate you.

        Enjoy nice day

  4. niri niri says:

    that’s why we love you so much , you fulfill the wishes of your fans ;-)

    keep up the good stuff xxx

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I aim to please :-)

      • Andy Andy says:

        Zuzinka, You’re an amazing babe and I love what you do. I think that youare just starting out and will get more daring as time goes on. I imagine that you will move to letting somebody else touch you in public and eventually let someone fuck you in a public place. We will see.
        Will you post a picture or video of you with your micro vibrator and getting ready to go out with it in?

  5. Nworb noni Nworb noni says:

    trés belle photo, ou plutot trés belle femme

  6. Johan Johan says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I totally agree with Tristan, you should tape a nice clean shave and rubb some baby oil afterwards… Thanks for the water theme.. I would say is refreshing but fuck me, is hot as hell!!!

  7. Tristan Tristan says:

    Hello Zuzinka,

    Many thanks to you for this picture !!
    Of course I’d like being there to check by myself how wet you are …!! :-)
    Reading and seeing you makes me hard and horny as well.

    When you will shoot it in shower, you could also show us how you shave this nice pussy, don’t you ?
    And no doubt your body would be shiny if you put some baby oil all over after that.

    I’m very interresting by what you said about porn movies, and I agree with you. Even if I’ve seen a few ones really exciting.
    I’d like also to know more about your “theorie of masturbation”.

    Have a good day
    & Many Kisses

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      You guys are sooooo demanding… :-)
      You are lucky that I like showering and this idea so I might do this next time.
      Can you send me links on that exciting movies you’ve seen? Would like to see them too. But no sites with viruses etc., please.
      What do you mean by “theorie of masturbation”?
      Have a nice day,

  8. germann germann says:

    nice:) mit dir würde ich gerne baden….wir wollen ein UNI-foto!:)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good morning, schöne Fraulein. :)

    Great picture, thanks for it. Especially that thin little stripe… :)

    Have you ever tried to masturbate with the shower head? I’m a boy, but as I hear from girls, it can feel very good. Maybe you should try and ask your friend to record it for us…? ;)

    • webcamfan webcamfan says:

      Why Anonymous? :( I’m WEBCAMFAN, I wrote the name into the box…

      • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

        Gute abend webcamfan,
        some error in Matrix has probably occured :-)
        I have tried it and it’s true it spices up the whole thing a bit. I might do it for the camera at some point too..

  10. dan dan says:

    čus ;) si fakt moc pěkna ženska a popravdě mě hodně vzrušuješ :D kdyby sis nekdy chtěla chatovat nebo tak tak mi prosim napis na muj mail jestli mas icq,skype,msn,xfire..proste cokoliv ja bych se prispusobil =)

  11. Samba Samba says:

    You are amazing, again… And it confirms what you said a few days ago : water make you wet ^^



  12. William William says:

    I you said that you want new requests, so I thought in one, while reading you FAQ. You see, there is written that you like to masturbate, when I see that you really like to do it, so, what about a picture that show us you really like to do it? A picture or a movie showing us all of you wet? Just grabe a camera (I know you like it a lote) and film yourself working out your beutifull pussy, and your clit, tell us, man, how to work out the clit to give, you women, some pleasure. what about that pretty girl? :P
    I will waiting for an answer :) .

    Kisses <3

  13. mark mark says:

    it needs something else.?
    I do not know as of yet.
    Time is needed to decide.

  14. Tomaš Tomaš says:

    Si pékna.. :) keby si mala nieka videa tak posli na moj mailiik :p

  15. buzz buzz says:

    Great picture…
    why not take a pic in a crowded place showing off at just the right moment when no one is watching?? or maybe someone will spot u!!!

  16. mysterious fan mysterious fan says:

    It’s a very nice picture !!! I love it ! Would you like tell us your top 10 of places where making love ?

  17. sved v praze sved v praze says:

    That was a truly great picture! I really enjoy your blog. Would also like to see some of that smartness you have through more texts, although the pics are not bad ;-)

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