Shopping with no panties is better…

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Got a lift to town to go shopping…

I mentioned that I would enjoy it more if I had no panties under my miniskirt :-P

My friend enjoys the idea and asks me to take them off, right in the car…

He doesn’t need to repeat twice. :-D   – since he has the camera, he tapes the moment…
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  1. Jaron Jaron says:

    …und zu Deiner Frage, warum Pornos fast nie erotisch sind: Ich gebe Dir absolut recht – sie sind es nicht!! Der Grund ist einfach. Selten sieht man wirkliche Lust, wirklich empfundene Leidenschaft. Nichts Authentisches eben… Leider. Es gibt wirkliche Erotik in Filmen und Clips – aber danach muß man suchen, wie man nach authentischen Menschen suchen muß. (Ok – jetzt höre ich auf dieses Wort “authentisch” überzustrapazieren). Mich würde interessieren, was Du dazu denkst. :)

  2. Jaron Jaron says:

    …wie schön!! Endlich einmal eine wirklich erotische Seite. Authentisch. Mit einer authentischen Frau. Ich hoffe, Dein Deutsch reicht aus, dieses wirkliche Kompliment lesen zu können. Ich werde Dich sicher noch öfter anklicken!!

  3. Chris Chris says:

    how about next time you go take your panties off put them inside you for safekeeping :)

  4. Laura Laura says:

    What can I say?
    This made me understand that we need more women as sexy movie directors.
    Zuzinka, can you be a sex movie director? You will make a great movie, I think.

    • Laura Laura says:

      Sorry I replyed on the wrong article…

      • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

        That’s cool, I am glad you actually reacted to it.. You might actually be the only girl here, if I didn’t miss something.
        I will think about that career.. sounds like a nice job to tell people how make love :-)

  5. make me wet make me wet says:

    i want too much show mu ass to the word liek you do i am going in trouble

  6. make me wet make me wet says:

    i am wet now i wannt ot go out with no pantes at all andmake every body with a hard cock and big for me to scuk and make cum all over my facea dnd tits and then be fuked also from behind in the ass and cum again with teh sperm in my ass

    • ganjadude ganjadude says:

      Dear MakeMe,
      to me it sounds that you have a clear, well thought plan, that is likely going to work – and also, quite obviously, a very fresh mind right now.
      I don’t want to sound like your dad, but just in case, if you happen to engage in any casual sex later today, if I were you I would make sure to have adequate protection.

  7. Francesco Francesco says:

    A suggestion for you: why don’t you try this while riding on a taxi?
    By the way the blog is very nice, exactly as you are…

  8. Duegaard Duegaard says:

    nice, but to short !
    aber du bist ja nun in der stadt, und dein freund hat bestimmt ein intressantes Video gemacht…*smile*

  9. minnesotawolf minnesotawolf says:

    May the gods of beauty and art bless you. This 30 seconds clip is just perfect. You should become a subject in filming schools, and maybe you will. I will check your site everyday. Could you forward my compliments and appreciation also to the camera guy? It is obvious that he knows what he’s doing, very well, there is no camera movement happening by chance. Keep on, please.

  10. mysterious fan mysterious fan says:

    Very good idea !! It is pity it’s too short ! lol.
    Why don’t you go to try some shoes with a skirt without panties ? huhu

  11. toby toby says:

    could you post vids of you having sex?

  12. Mr. T Mr. T says:

    Damn. Please show more pussy! I also would like to see longer vids, maybe in the shopping center without panties.
    More public, more exhibition.

  13. Geri Geri says:

    You are laughing and have fun. Great. I wanna see more of this happy smiling face :-) ) Nice t-shirt.

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