Being on camera makes me horny, especially tonight

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I admit that I totally enjoy being recorded on camera.

I guess this is part of being a little exhibitionist slut (oops, I didn’t say that – you didn’t hear, please :-) )

I guess being recorded on camera should definitely be one of the “Makes me wet” list…

You know, I consider myself rather shy, and I mean it, but I also immensely enjoy shocking people….

If there is one thing that makes me immediately horny is  doing everyday, normal things (shopping, meeting friends, going to school…) while my ass is half showing under my dress or skirt, pretending that nothing is happening. At school I didn’t dare, so far, but I am thinking about it.

Being able to have it recorded on camera, and share it with even more people here, makes me even more wet and horny. Ok, I guess I am horny tonight….

Let me know what you want me to do on camera… I want to hear your ideas, and I want to record them on video and show it all to you, be direct and don’t be to shy, please…, ok? I feel daring..

As a bonus, here below  is a video of me making a coffee… :)
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  1. Stiv Wilson, it would take 17% of the world’s oil tankers working full time to haul the 315 billion pounds of plastic bits out of the

  2. Horsey Horsey says:

    You are such a LOVELY woman in every way!! Wish I could say I really know you !

  3. sam sam says:

    come back from school, undress, go to washroom, spread your pussy, pee in front of camera.

  4. stu sabnford stu sabnford says:

    i would like to see u play with yourself at school

  5. Rogerio Rogerio says:

    It would be a great idea if you were filmed, totally naked, ona beach not far from my house…
    That beach has some rocky, hidden and sexy places to make a wonderful film…
    I can be your cameraman, if you ever come to Lisbon, Portugal…

  6. Fast Fast says:

    It would be red-hot! to see you wiping your pussy wetness on your cheeks and mouth, much like how some girls smear a mans cum on their mouth.
    I would love that.

    Great website!

  7. Chris Chris says:

    hey Zuzinka been away for a week and just catching up on your blog. Good control from your cameraman, when you flicked your hair away to expose the back of your neck id had to have started kissing it, strange but i find the back of the neck so sexy

  8. reg reg says:

    if only you bent over forwards in your green dress then i would see you in all your glory. if you send that pose in a picture it will take pride of place in my office many thanks for allowing me to indulge in a fantasy you are a bueaty

    • reg reg says:

      excellent start thank you very much i was wondering if you ever read your messages now i know you do. if you bent over or leant on the worktop thats the sort of pose i was after. you have a lovely bum

  9. Mr. T Mr. T says:

    Please masturbate on public place! Anyway, I came!

  10. Tristan Tristan says:

    Hi Zuzinka,

    You are relly pretty and attractive.
    I’d like to see you playing with water under a shower …
    would it be possible ???


  11. Dimitri Dimitri says:

    Love those little spreading legs….you are so hot on your green dress…I think you could fingering yourself in many pubblic places…on a train, on a crowded beach, in a changing room of a clothing store (while trying new little dresses)…good idea also to walk around with a dildo in your pussy…Hope to see your new videos soon….kisses

  12. none none says:

    potah kah

  13. Krister Krister says:

    I would love to see you fingering yourself on a train. I Saw the movie from the resturant and i loved it. I would like to see when you put on your underwear with the dick inside and after that see how you walk away with the dick inside you…..

  14. jc jc says:

    no more ideas until you make the ones I’ve suggested… but I noticed something nice about you! you keep things clean and ordered!!! thrown away the sugar papers and kept everything clean, nice, or is it not your house…?

    mr. details.

  15. mark mark says:

    Hello I would like to see u in a leopard skin thong or any thong lying on a bed with the biggest dildo u have saying come on Mark take me away to sunny England and make luv to u every minute.
    Then legs wide open working that wet horney puss plzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Johan Johan says:

    Wet knickers world record…. try to wet as much pantys as possible trying them on and playing a bit just to get them wet, show them to the cameraman and go fo another pair of knickers to soak…mmmmm I guess you’ll have to do a big laudry after that, but the thought of it makes me hot as hell.

    If I see you making coffee like this I totally asure you I’d bend on my knees and suck your ass and pussy until you beg me to stop!!!

  17. BEO BEO says:

    I dare you to… make a video in the public library of your university, in your shortest dress, no underwear – picking books from the highest shelf.

    Thanks for answering the mail. :)

  18. BEO BEO says:

    I dare you to… make a video in the public library of your university, in your shortest dress, no underwear – picking books from the highest shelf.

    Thanks for answering the mail :)

  19. Hey Hey says:

    I love you! come to me pls ;D

  20. simon simon says:

    well yr looking for suggestions as to your next few videos… ? well maybe bathtime or shower time ..or maybe when yr next out and about and find yrself in some public loos? or a secret play whilst surrounded by a busy street or shop? maybe a changing room when u go to buy some new skirts or dresses? ok well i could go on and on lol but lixxxxx anyway xx

  21. Andre Andre says:

    Zuzinka this is my first post! You´re so hot and mankes me check your blog all the time just too see you showing you hot pussy and tease on!!!!
    perfect and keep doing that.

  22. niri niri says:

    I would love to see a good striptease !!

  23. Geri Geri says:

    He Zuzinka!
    You wrote that you are really horny and wet tonight.
    I think you should show us how wet you are! (… especially I think on the finger-question under faq ;-) . You know what i mean?) Perhaps you can beat your own record tonight? My suggestion: Think on cocks ;-)

  24. Oqoneck Oqoneck says:


    kisses 4u

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      Recorded some days ago, and actually I realize it’s the same same dress that I have on now…
      well, perhaps i should buy some more dresses… any model suggestion, anyone? :)

  25. peter peter says:

    So my heart makes bumbumbum, without any coffee or espresso. Can you give me the adress from the privat coffeehouse?
    best wishes – peter

    • Zuzinka Zuzinka says:

      I fear you would totally regret it, peter… :-) : i.e. You gotta be Czech to drink czech cofee.., otherwise it’s intoxicating.

      (actually I think that was nescafe, but I could not resist the joke…)

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