The other pics I took in Brno some days ago

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Some days ago I posted a picture that I took myself in the park, and I mentioned that I was there experimenting a bit with my camera.

It turns out that I received a few requests to see the other pictures… there’s actually a bunch of them, but I am traveling right now and only a few are still on the camera that I have with me. (The others are on my laptop with which I cannot be online right now… complicated story full of technical details, forget it :) ).

Anyhow, here below there are some of the other pictures. I don’t particularly like them, but hey this is what i have, doing my best :-)

PS. I am posting this from an internet cafe. I hope I don’t get arrested if someone sees the pictures that I am transferring from the SD card of my little camera….

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  1. Samba Samba says:

    You are, one more time, fantastic. Especially on the picture with the sunglasses. You look like a star !



  2. simon simon says:

    hi zuzinka …yr a lovely girl and tantalising as well ..yr blog and yr pics etc. are gorgeous ..i have also seen a vid of you at a cafe mmmmm thank you lixxx

  3. Vurtne Vurtne says:

    When I see your photos and videos you always makes me hot!
    Good blog. xD

  4. Chris Chris says:

    you have such kissable lips

  5. matthieu matthieu says:

    Why don’t you like them ? because there were nobody to look at you when you have taken them ? Nobody to tell you that you are beautiful, sexy, and all that ? So, I say it to you again : you are BEAUTIFUL and lovely.
    Go on !

  6. badboy badboy says:

    nice picture!

    high quality, you have a good digitalcamera!

    i like your pictures!


  7. mtbuc mtbuc says:

    thanks god for the girls, especially for zuzinka

  8. antonio antonio says:

    ciao zuzinka, io sono un ragazzo italiano, non parlo inglese ma spero che tuo puoi tradurre quello che ti scrivo.
    sei meravigliosa e mi ecciti molto e quando finisco di vedere i tuoi video mi devo toccare.
    una domanda, come posso registrarmi al tuo blog?
    baci, antonio

  9. Johan Johan says:

    You are such a huge Turn on love!! those pics showing off your chest are just beautiful, I wish I could get a quick lick of that sweet nipples… if you ever come to Spain please…. seat of my face!! lol ;)

  10. peter peter says:

    Hi Zinka,
    I don´t know what is nicer your titts with these little red nippels, your ash or your pussy.
    What I know is that I getting hot by looking at your pic and that I love your brown eyes.
    Kisses peter

  11. niri niri says:

    hey zuzinka, i love your pictures , and every day a new hot topic ;-) I’m becoming a big fan of you :-) . can’t wait to see the other pictures that are on your laptop !!


  12. Arco Arco says:

    O btw tommorow i gonna travel towards your country for a holliday, I gonna go to a town in the neighbourhood of Pilzen , if evrything in your country is as beauty as you i gonna have a great time.

  13. Arco Arco says:

    Arested for being a beautifull girl??? think not.
    Nice pics. :)

  14. rafael rafael says:

    it feels like you didnt like posing for the pictures either. It feels mechanical…But on the other hand you’ve shown different angles of yourself that are quite new (and interesting) to me… I cant help to say that you are beautiful, and that I feel happy coming to your website to see what you’ve been up to, every time. I enjoy your little games, hmm, getting arrested, oh the tension arises if you may get caught..hmm..very nice
    You’ve caught my attention, that’s for sure :)

  15. Alex Alex says:

    Wow nice pictures. And you are way to pretty for jail – so no one will Arrest you ;)

  16. Geri Geri says:

    Hi Zuzinka!

    Once more great pics !!!
    You`re the best!


  17. max max says:

    dont be shy

  18. Humberto Humberto says:

    Hi, okay? I’m from Brazil and my wife and love of their exhibitionism. You are very pretty too. kisses.

  19. Alessandro Alessandro says:

    can u read my mail?

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