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August 31st, 2009

I have invited my camera-guy over for a dinner tonight, didn’t want to eat all alone.. :-) I made pasta with shrimps and white sauce (yummy), he brought a bottle of my favourite pink wine and yeah.. it was a lot better that eating alone :-) Until he made me take my pants off and wash the dishes (don’t I have just the sweetest friends? :-D ) Thank god he didn’t have his camera with him but he has taken a few pics with mine and made me publish it here. He says that women look extremely sexy while cooking or washing dishes. And he’s the man so I guess I will just believe him :-)

The winner

August 29th, 2009

I am sorry to make you wait for such a long time guys. But I was enjoying your creative ideas too much to announce the winner of the guessing game just yet :-)

Ok, so here we go…….. *fanfare*…. and the winner is….. KICK….*standing ovation*…:-D

Well, technically the winner is Nicolas because he was the first one to mention remote controlled vibrator but he is getting his “student membership” and since two memberships  would be rather useless for him I will give it to Kick, who was the second one with the correct answer.

All of you guys who were guessing it was a vibrator were almost right but it is really important for me that it’s remote controlled :-)  And yes, the camera guy was controlling it :-)

There was no exposing to me from his side (although it might be fun) or anyone else present during the shooting.

Thanx for all the answers, I had a blast reading them and please be so creative in the coming guessing games as well ;-)

I have posted now in my Private Area a longer video that “proves” that I was actually having the remote controlled dildo inside my pussy all the time… if you wanto to see it, just get yourself an access now! It is sure to be fun… :-)

Outside, totally naked under my coat, and little guessing game of the day :-)

August 27th, 2009


I went outside with boots and a coat, and totally naked under my coat… this was one of your requests – fulfilling all my promises, I am a good girl, ha? :-) Watch the clip below to see the result!

And now the game: there is ONE THING  happening all the time, in the clip below, which makes the whole thing even more fun, MUCH more fun actually :-)

You have to watch the video and guess what is THAT specific thing happening: if you watch carefully until the end, there are several clues here and there!

Leave your guess in the comments. The first one who gives the right answer, wins a one month access to the videos in my private area…

(Also in my private area, the visual evidence of the solution! If you are interested, be sure not to miss it -  just go here and subscribe! :-) )

Purple day :-)

August 25th, 2009

I had a day off from my boring summer job today.. it was so awesome :-) So I went out because I needed to buy a new ball for my tongue piercing because I have swallowed the one I had before.. (yes, it’s lame and my way of eating is clumsy and my tongue will never be the same again *weeping*) :-) You can’t see it in the picture but there’s a purple gemstone built in the upper ball… so at least some upgrade. And when I was at it I have also checked out another stores and found totally cool panties.. I don’t wear them that much but they were just way too cute to leave them there :-)

I hope you guys had a nice day as well ;-)


August 24th, 2009

Some of you were wondering how would I look with bigger boobs or a push-up bra on. So I have searched through the deepest, long forgotten corners of my wardrobe and found one. I felt like I was fifteen again when i was putting it on but in the end I kinda liked the result :-) So here you go, this is how I would look like with bigger boobs.DSCF7507

Pussy shaving time! (part 2 :-) )

August 22nd, 2009

Who wants a nice, smooth, creamed, well shaved pussy? :-)

I certainly want one, so I shave it everyday…. Usually I do it when I am by myself, but in this case, upon request, I allowed the operations to be taped ;-)

So, do you want a smooth pussy too? Then watch the video below to see how to get one :-)

Pussy shaving time! (part 1 :-) )

August 21st, 2009

Hello folks!

the clip below was recorded a couple of days ago – right after the little game of  me “picking up” your requests while blindfolded…

To be fair, “pussy shaving” was not actually the #1 winner, but truth is that I needed to shave anyways, so I thought to kill two birds with one stone, and did it straight away… :-) Don’t worry, thought, the winning requests are cumming too… :-P

Here’s the Part 1 of the clip. The Part 2, with the whole actual razor mastery, portrayed in all its pussy shaving glory, comes here directly tomorrow… so stay tuned and check back in a few hours :-)

Are blowjobs with a pierced tongue any better?

August 20th, 2009

Last year I had my tongue pierced. (May be not the most memorable event of the year, but certainly significant for my own tongue…)

I did it because I liked it, of course.
But I also did it, to be fair, because I was curious about all the rumors about “blowjobs with a pierced tongue…” Many folks around claim that a pierced tongue, if well used, can make a blowjob experience much more pleasant for a guy.

So, after a few days of swollen, painful, totally unusable tongue – I was then ready to try “on the field” my new tongue jewelry.
Well, I am not saying it went bad (I am proud to say that nobody has ever complained about my oral sex skills…) – however, I was not 100% sure  that it really made things so different or better. And now, after some practicing, I am still not sure…

I was discussing the topic with a few girlfriends some evenings ago. (So now you know at least one of the deeply thoughtful topics that may fill the time in a girls-night out…)

There was clearly no consensus. Some girls were pierced, some weren’t, others went back and forth. But it was not clear at all if the tongue piercing helps when sucking a cock.

So I ended up promising my girlfriends to make a blog post out of it – so to ask a few men opinions… (one has to make the best of having a blog… :-) )

Do you prefer to get a blowjob with a pierced tongue, or not? And if so, what is the difference? Thanks for providing info, here!

A video documenting how your requests are picked :)

August 19th, 2009

Ok – it may not be the most scientific method.

Still, I got a lot of cool requests from you guys, and had to prioritize somehow among the popular/cool ones. (Did I mention how much I like to receive your requests? Guess so…)

Anyway, I did the following: I wrote a number of requests on a few post-it, placed them on the wall, and then picked up some of them while blindfolded…

Of course, I had to tape it, to document properly :-) And the winning request is…. Watch the video to find out!

And yes, of course: will tape the winning request(s)  in the next days…

Talking (really) dirty!

August 18th, 2009

I admit it – I am perhaps not too good in talking dirty. But I am more than willing to try ;-)

A really cool idea that came from (some of you), was to have me talking dirty in your own native language.

I would love to try it! But I need your help… It works like this:
Please leave a comment with 1-2 sentences in your own native language. You don’t need to say what it means, it’s more fun if I don’t know it, for the time being :-)

Just make sure to also leave a hint on the pronunciation, if your language is really complicated.

Please don’t be shy! Try to make your sentence as dirty as possible! Go wild, release it all! There is no point in talking dirty, if it is not really, really dirty…

As soon as I have collected enough sentences/languages, I will tape a video with them, and post it here. Thanks for your help!

PS: tell your friends from different native languages… I’d like to try as many languages as possible :-)

My pantyless lunch in a central cafe

August 17th, 2009

While in Vienna a couple of days ago, I had lunch at a very central cafe, not far from Stephansplatz.

I can totally recommend the cafe, and especially the Swiss fondue they serve there (I had the one with shrimps – odd but awesome).

Here’s a clip documenting the lunch, and also my lack of underwear during it :-)

Little contest: if anyone from Vienna or else can guess correctly the name of the cafe, he/she wins a free access to see all my long videos (that includes, among all the other goodies, a 35 minutes filmed documentary of that same nice trip – Yes, I did some craz(ier) things while I was in town… :-P   )

(If you don’t win the contest, don’t worry too much, as you can always get yourself an access ;-) )

Midnight thoughts

August 17th, 2009

69I am in kinda in a philosophical mood tonight and saw number 69 somewhere, which always gets my attention and for some reason I always end up thinking about the sexy 69 :-) So I was trying to figure out why is this position so loved by men and most women I know prefer almost all other positions over this one. For men it’s i guess nice to get a blowjob while playing with a pussy. It also ensures that any issues that might spoil the mood will not come up (simply becasue she just can’t talk with her mouth full). It also makes the foreplay shorter and more efficient because everything is happening at the same time :-) On the other hand, women’s (or at least mine) point of view is not that positive for 69. Despite being a women I simply can’t focus on two things happening at the same time. I really enjoy both sides of the deal but they have to be a bit more spread over time. When I am on the top all I can see is a butt. Ain’t pretty. And when I am in the bottom “men’s best friend” (and I am not talking about dogs here) gets to me in a really weird angle, is totally blocking my airways and I can’t move my head so I feel kinda stuck there. So that’s about all my tought about it from me… So a little poll for you: why do/don’t you like this position? I am curious fox, I know…


August 15th, 2009


As many of  you have probably noticed, I don’t wear panties a lot…

So today I have decided to do something different and wear ONLY panties and nothing else (I have created a negative of my clothing pattern :-) ) It was awesome and I really enjoyed it :-D Mostly because it’s Saturday and I didn’t have to move out of bed too much. Going out like that would be probably a bit of a challenge :-)


Like my miniskirt in Vienna? :)

August 14th, 2009


I did not get arrested in Vienna, but I certainly tried hard to…

It was a lot of fun, and what I chose to wear for the occasion was was a pink miniskirt, or should I say microskirt – barely covering my ass, and of course without underwear ;-) My white tshirt, without any bra, was totally transparent in order to show the status of my nipples…

I will post the rest of the clips in the next couple of days. Here’s for the time being, my arrival at the station and a taxi ride that hopefully the taxi driver won’t forget too soon (he was insistently looking at the rear mirror…)


Pussy test – the 3 different types of wet :)

August 13th, 2009

Hi there -
I am preparing the clips of my little fun trip to Vienna, where I actually managed to wear in the central square the sluttiest outfit that you could imagine – which I liked a lot! (did I say really “sluttiest”? ops… sorry, I meant, “a bit daring…” :-) )

Zuzinka spreading legs :) In the meanwhile though, I couldn’t leave you without a proper goodnight test…

So here it is – the picture illustrates the way my pussy looks when it’s spread open… when the pussy lips are in this position, spread apart and spontaneously showing the pink inside, I think it creates a nice visual effect. It looks like a pussy totally ready to be used, don’t you think? :-)

Now zoom on the picture. (To my only non-geek visitor of the day: you can click on it to do so).
The test is the following. I can tell you, my pussy is wet.
What type of wet is it:

1. “horny”
2. or the type of wetness: “just came”
3. or the type of wetness: “I’m in the middle of it”.

At least the wet of type 1 and type 2, are fairly easy to distinguish. At least with a closeup, which I don’t give you tonight otherwise the test is too easy.
Let me know! Tomorrow I’ll give the answer, with the proper explanation of the difference… :9